An Event and a Regional Trend

An Eternal alliance with Israel and Insulting the Palestinian authority

The US president George Bush’s visit to Israel brought with it a strong dose of support for Israel which is considered the main base for the US strategy of domination on the Arab Orient.
Despite his repeated declarations about his adoption of the idea of the Palestinian state Bush encourages the Israeli policy of settlement and the division of the West Bank into isolated squares.
Bush publicly adopted the Zionist stand in all the points and titles in a time in which Palestinian president needs him to exert pressures on Israel to put an end to the difficult conditions of the Palestinians under occupation.
What was remarkable in this visit is Bush’s confirmation of the eternal alliance with Israel as a Jewish state and omitting the Palestinian refugees’ right to return and linking the refugees issue with the aids.
Bush also refused to visit the tomb of the late Palestinian president and this was considered an insult to the Palestinian authority.

An Event and a Lebanese Trend

Al-Hariri aborts the optimism of Moussa through refusing to meet general Aoun

The talks of the secretary general Amr moussa in Beirut are the main event that takes place now on the Lebanese arena and the press covered the following issues:
 1. Moussa did not reveal any details about the dialogues concerning the content of the Arab foreign ministers’ statement.
 2. A US reserved stand which aims at obstructing and delaying the Lebanese understanding through the US ambassador’s statements which publicly announced that the compromise will be delayed for many weeks and maybe until after the Arab summit. This was considered as a sign for the loyalists to obstruct the initiative. This reflects a US decision to leave the crisis open until mid spring which is the time for drawing the US policies towards Syria and Iran.
 3. Moussa said his meeting with Aoun was positive while consultations among the leaders of the opposition to deal with the situation continued in the light of the news about Moussa’ preparation of a meeting between Saad al-Hariri and the house speaker which was quickly cancelled due to Geagea’s intervention.
 4. The emergence of the proposal of a neutral government suggested by Amine Gemayel if the political understanding between the opposition and the loyalists proved impossible but this will be without any practical value if the two sides do not agree on a new elections law.
 5. Syria and Saudi Arabia announced their readiness to cooperate together to support the endeavor of the Arab league secretary general.
 6. The appearance of preliminary steps for popular protest against the difficult economic conditions in Lebanon which form a serious threat to the government.
 7. It became probable that the Saturday session for electing a new president will be delayed until achieving the required political understanding.
 8. Publishing a report by the human rights commission in Geneva that condemns the continuity of arresting the four officers and other four prisoners after the international investigation committee stressed that there is no legal reasons for considering them suspects in al-Hairir’s assassination crime.

Arab and International Press

The Iranian paper Morning said that the date of the legal elections in Iran is approaching and the forces that want to take the parliamentary majority from president Nejad started to unify their ranks.
The Iranian paper Sadai Adalat said that it is natural to say that the assassination of Benazir Bhutto is a continuity of the method of dictatorship which is supported from abroad.
Al-Bayan said in its editorial that if president’s Bush’s statements about peace during his press conference with Olmert are the title of his visit, this means that this visit is not necessary.
The Spanish Internet Site Rebelion said the US is scandalously involved in the crimes that target Palestinians.
The Emirate paper Al-Khalij said the goal of Bush’s visit to the area is stressing the eternal alliance with Israel on the expense of Palestinians.
The Syrian paper Al-Thawra said the American president’s stands show that the white House’s policies revolve in the Israeli orbit.

Satellite Stations’ News

The Syrian satellite station said that the French parliamentary delegation considered Syria an important state in the area, pointing out that the Arab league said Bush’s statements are unacceptable.

Program: The Day’s Harvest
Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah sheik Naeem Qasem said that we want an active presence in the government not mere participation.

Lebanese Press

An-Nahar said there are fears that the Arab league secretary general Amr Mussa’s mission will face the complex of the government’s formation.
Ad-Diyar said Moussa seems as if he is fighting the devils of the details or as if he is fighting the devils themselves in Lebanon. He seems nervous in his statements and this reflects the size of dangers that may threaten Lebanon.

Television Stations’ News in Lebanon

Al-Manar said Bush refused to visit the tomb of Arafat, omitted the Palestinian refugees’ right to return through calling for an international mechanism for offering compensations. He also announced his clinging to the Jewish aspect of Israel.
The NTV said the secret of the Arab initiative is still unknown.
The NBN quoted Amr Moussa as saying that the solution does not want a miracle but an understanding.
The OTV said it is certain that the parliamentary session which is scheduled for December 12 will be delayed.
The LBC said that the only invariable in Moussa’s visit is that his endeavors require time and the support of Arab sides.
The Future said that Bush announced that Israel and the Palestinians should reach a compromise before he leaves the White House.

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