It Is a Chaos

If we try to read the points of disputes between the two parties in Lebanon, without taking into consideration the internal connection relations within the country and outside it, we will stand, undoubtedly, an able to comprehend many facts. When a country wants to establish a private economic zone and for many reasons among them settling modern industries or developed technology, or attracting limited work experiences, or easy axes to products which is difficult to reach usually, or other wise, it specifies policies and mechanisms of the activities on this zone and sets up a criteria which is a private management of this zone for achieving the sought goals.
In Lebanon, it seems that the agreement between some of those who are inside with some parties abroad is trying to take matters farther than the presence of a free zone in the economic concept of the political crisis. They want a very private zone without a direct supervision of the government and this reminds us of the requirements of the project of “The American Century” with regard to the necessity of instigating sedition between peoples let alone erasing the national memory and ending up with the concept of “the non-government”, which is the demand of the multi national companies which will not spare any opportunity for achieving that internationally in general and in the Middle East in specific, as they live on chaos and hating the system as the new conservatives wishes to see “the creative chaos” prevailing in the area in general.

The Exhibition of Syro-Optica in Damascus

The General Establishment for Exhibitions and International Markets in Syria is preparing to launch the second international exhibition for Optics “Syro-Optica” to be held between 7-9 of next February on the Fair Grounds in Damascus. The second session will witness the increase of the participants reaching 145 companies, trade marks, and agents.

The Real Estate Damac Launches the Project of Empire Residence in Dubai

The Real Estate Damac Company announced yesterday the launching of the project Empire residence in the housing city within the project of Dubai World Central.
The project is a huge city to be established around the biggest airport in the world “Dubai World Central” in Jabal Ali. The project will be carried out on a total space area estimated at 140 km which equals double of the space area of Hong Kong Island. Chairman of the Administrative Board of the Holding Damac Company said that the city will provide housing for about 75.000 persons working there which will make it the most important strategic development till now.

The Increase of the Profits of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank by 35%

The net profits of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank had increased after taking into consideration the profits of the depositors paid estimated at .35%, reaching 771 million dirhams, which equals 51% of the total paid capital compared to 2006 and estimated at 571 million dirhams.
It is worth mentioning that the profits of the depositors and bids holders are estimated at 1.44 billion dirhams with an increase of 7% with regard to the value of the profits distributed in 2006.

The Increase of the Profits of the Jordanian al Arabi Bank to $1 bn

The Group of Al-Arabi Bank announced its financial results for 2007 which showed an increase in profits before cutting taxes and allocations, reaching $1.001 billion compared to $851.0 million for 2006 with an increase of 17.6%. The profits are considered the highest achieved by the group since the establishment of the bank in 1930.

Small Indexes

- A Real Estate has expected 2008 to witness great activities within the Saudi real estate sector, backed by real governmental trends and continuous developmental efforts by the private sector.
- A real estate report, issued recently, has pointed out that there is an increase of renting at the beginning of 2008 in the GCC countries by different percentages starting from 10% with the presence of big projects to be carried out soon.
- The Indian Academy for Aviation Training, the first academy to be granted the license by the civil aviation commission in Ra’as al Khaiyma Airport was opened at the International Airport of Ra’as al Khaiyma.


- The French Nuclear Group Areva has signed two contracts in the field of transporting and distributing electricity with two Indian groups with a total value estimated at 41 billion Euros.
- Dubai International Trade Center has signed a contract estimated at 1.3 billion dirhams with the international Samsung Company for Construction with the aim of developing “The World of Dubai Exhibitions”, which is the new exhibitions center which is considered the most important land mark in Dubai city for Exhibition. According to the contract Samsung-Bytor Company will take the responsibility of building the center of exhibitions and maintaining it for the whole year following operating it.

Companies’ Indexes

- The Saudi businessman, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Issa al Jaber, the owner of the group of MPI International Group has acquired for real estate, and luxuries tourist facilities in al Garef area in Portugal with a total value estimated at 1 billion Saudi riyal.
- Agility Company seeks to enhance its presence in Egypt through establishing an affiliated company for working within the field of logistic services because the Egyptian market is considered one of the targeted markets by the company.
- The Russian Gas Prom Company and the Austrian Oil and Gas Company OMV have signed a cooperation agreement in Vienna stipulating on granting Gas prom a share of 50% in one of the biggest centers for gas distribution in Europe located in Baumgarten Town on the borders with Slovakia.

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