Among the books sure to draw attention are “Pueblo y democracia” (People and Democracy), a selection of different texts by Fidel Castro organized by theme by researchers at the Cuban Historical Institute, and “Fidel Castro y la historia como ciencia” (Fidel Castro and History as a Science) prepared by Dolores Guerra, Margarita Concepcion, Ivette Garcia and Amparo Hernandez (Political Publishing House and the Marti Studies Center).

Volumes 10 to 16 of the Complete Works of Jose Marti, compiled by a team of the Marti Studies Center, are set for presentation on Thursday, February 14 at the Fernando Ortiz hall of the Morro-Cabana Fortress, the main Havana venue of the book fair.

According to Granma newspaper, readers will also be able to obtain a copy of the new edition of selected works and field diaries of Marti as well as other books inspired by him such as Marti in Spain, Spain in Marti by Ibrahim Hidalgo Paz; and Marti jurista (Marti the jurist) by Vitorio Di Cagno, a book published by the Marti Studies Center and the Social Sciences Publishers.

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