A Digital Or Financial Gap?

With the vast wide spread of mobile phones and internet services all over the world, it seems evident that technology has started to play a role for the benefit of the poor in the world. A recently issued report by UNCTAD, said that the digital gap has started to become narrow between the developed countries and the developing countries because of the spread of mobile phones, especially that the number of subscribers in the service of mobile phones has increased by three times almost in the developing countries during the last five years, forming today about 58% of the subscribers of mobile phones all over the world.
The report has affirmed that telephone telecommunications through the use of mobile phones are offering information and improving revenues of different communities like fishermen, farmers, rural communities and small merchants. But the report did not mention the high fees of mobile phones in the developing countries compared to the average of income and the impact of this equipment not only on the life of the people but also on their incomes. Yes, the mobile phones have made the digital gap between the developing and the developed worlds narrower but, unfortunately, have caused another gap in terms of making those who own it poorer.

The Tourist Week for the Islamic Iranian Republic in Damascus

The activities of the tourist week of the Islamic Iranian Republic has been opened in Damascus by a symposium that witnessed participation from higher ranking officials. Dr. Malak Zadeh, Assistant Chairman of Iranian Organization for Tourism and Culture announced that an Iranian Tourist Bureau will be opened in Syria soon with the aim of providing the Syrian public with tourist information on Iran, adding that about 600.000 Iranians visit Syria every year and asserted that Iran’s seeks to activate cooperation in the Syrian tourist agencies for attracting a bigger number of Syrian tourists.

The Increase of the Capital of the Saudi Mobili Company to $1.8 bn

The Saudi Telecommunications Company “Mobili” intends to rise its capital from five billions to seven billions riyals in addition to enlisting a part of the establisher’s shares which represent 20% and estimated at 100 million shares. It is worth mentioning that the company’s capital is estimated at $533 m, according to al Watan newspaper.

Emaar Company Accomplishes about 50% of Finishing Dubai Tower

The Real Estate Emaar Company said that it is about to finish 50% of the external finishing aluminum work of the project of Dubai tower, which is expected to become the tallest sky scraper in the world. The company said in a statement that more than 12.000 units of the external façade have been constructed covering 50.000 square meters.

The Future of the Russian Economy at the Forum of The World Money Show

Participant in the International Investment Forum “The World Money Show” which started today have discussed in Orlando, Florida the future of the Russian economy and the investment climate in Russia. In a symposium held under the title The Investment Potential in Russia” representative of the Russian Trade Bureau in the US Andrei Dologorokof said that the most attracting fields on the foreign capital in Russia are oil and gas sector, telecommunications market, cars industry, medicine industries, chemical iron and mining industries as well as foodstuff industries.
About 15.000 investors from 80 countries are taking part in the symposium.

Small Indexes

- The Iranian Minister of Oil Ghulan Hussein Nozairi said that his country produces about four millions and 200.000 barrels of oil daily.
- In a statement by Egyptian cabinet issued yesterday said that the Egyptian GDP has risen by 8.1% during the last quarter of 2007 compared to the same period of 2006.
- The number of job opportunities in Jordan during the first half of last year has reached 36.000 new job opportunities compared to about 35.000 job opportunities for 2006.

Companies Indexes

- The Real Estate Dubai Company said that it will launch and hand more than 5000 office, housing, and trade units through its different package of projects in 2008.
- The holding al Khaleej Company for maritime has achieved net profits estimated at 116.1 million dirhams with an increase of 120.8% compared to 2006 which recorded 52.6 million dirhams.


- The Italian Syndicate for the Manufacturers of Wood Equipment will take part in the activities of Dubai Exhibition for Wood and Wood Equipment 2008 held currently at Dubai Exhibition Center in Dubai International Airport.
- Iran will take part in the International Exhibition for Energy Production in Bahrain with the participation of 150 companies from 50 countries. Moreover, 28 meetings and symposiums under the title “energy” will be held on the sidelines of the exhibition.
- General Secretary of the Arab League Amr Musa and King of Spain Juan Carlos opened on Wednesday at the Arab League Location in Cairo the Exhibition of “The Arab World in One Hundred Years” which comprises historical pictures and photos.

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