The Russian Test

Among the Advantages of the Institutional Work Based on Team Work is the Great Possibility for creating promotion mechanisms that secure those who work at the institution a high commitment with the aim of achieving the sought goals, along with preserving factors of creation and innovation that would allow the individuals to achieve a positive movement according to the concept that says the individual work is a necessity and required as it’s the case with the collective work which is absolute, and that both of them will be under the required level in case they did not go along with each other. In fact, if the individual spirit prevailed on the team work, it will result in absolute power and dominants and it will impose repression of the intelligent minds, which is the same case to be faced in case the collective spirit in the world prevailed and treated as a factor that should repress the individual spirit. In Russia, a new test is being carried out after the collapse of the former Soviet Union which resulted in the chaotic system in 1991. Russia moreover has tested the opposite which also resulted in a bigger collapse on different levels. So the Russians were faced only with a new path resulted in the coming of President Putin who worked on recovering and reforming the society and the government generally speaking. But the question is: What after Putin? And is the institution which brought him to power is able to present someone else who is also capable on continuing the reform process? In fact, here lies the power of the institution.

The Emarati al Jaber Group Seeks to Have an Islamic Loan by $400 m

The Financial Manger of Al Jaber Group, located in Abu Dhabi, said that is seeks to have an Islamic loan estimated at $400 m for helping in refinancing a current loan. Among the banks which work on arranging the loan are: BNB Barbiba, Abu Dhabi National Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, and Gulf First Bank.

Iran Sells Assets in Energy Sector Estimated at $90 bn

An Executive official at the Iranian Oil Company said that Iran seeks to privatize 47 working companies in energy sector with a total value estimated at $90 bn, and to establish holding company for these assists to enlisted for dealing at four international stock markets. It is worth mentioning that Iran has tried to revive its program for privatization in 2006 through offering 80% of the shares of many companies and to be enlisted for dealing with in the stock markets.

The Kuwaiti Global Invests With the Shares of Egyptian Companies

The Kuwaiti Global Investment House intends to enlist Egypt’s Global Fund that will be invisted mainly in the shares of the Egyptian Companies in Cairo and Alexandria Stock Markets with the aim of getting benefit from the economic growth rate and the big investment opportunities in Egypt. It is worth mentioning that the minimum value for investment in the fund will be $100.000.

Egypt Takes Part in Milano Tourism Market

Egypt will take part in Milano’s Tourism Market to be opened between 21-23 of February by a delegation headed by Minister of Tourism Zouheir Jarana. Many international tourism agents will take part also in Milano’s Tourism Market during which tourism programs, advantages and opportunities of the Egyptian tourism will be exhibited for representative of international tourism and travel agents.

Small Indexes

- The American President George Bush said on Sunday that he will signed on a program estimated at $152 bn aiming at keeping the biggest economy in the world away from recession through taxes cuts and investment incentive.
- Brokers said that the main indicators of the Egyptian Stock Market have declined during the third session connectively, with the continuation of selling the shares of Orascom Telecom by investors in the Egyptian stock market.
- Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Iran said that the volume of trade exchange between Tehran and Almata has reached $2.5 billion in 2007.

Companies Indexes

- Global Investment House, the biggest Kuwaiti Investment Companies, has announced that its profits last year rose by 28%, reaching $334.1 without mentioning factors for this big jump in terms of profits.
- The revenues of Aramex Company during the fiscal year which ended on the 31st of December 2007 rose by 31%, reaching 784.1 billion dirhams compared to 364.1 billion dirhams recorded in 2006.


- The telecommunications Iraqi company “Itesaluna” for internet services has signed a joint cooperation agreement with Action B company for Public Relations and Media Consultations with the aim of developing activities of public relations and media consultations of the company in the region.
- The Saudi Telecommunications Company has concluded a deal estimated at 9.6 billion riyals for selling a-35%-share at AUGE Telecomm Company, within the framework of expanding the company’s external investments.
- The International Gulf Company for Energy has signed a partnership agreement with the Bahraini Bambco for Contracting with the aim of establishing a company in the field of developing infrastructure with a total value estimated at $1 bn.

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