An Event and a Trend

The Assassination of Moghniyeh is the Event

The Lebanese and Arab press and political circles focus on the loyalists’ commemoration of the third anniversary of al-Hariri’s assassination and the popular funeral that Hezbullah called for to bid farewell to one of the resistance’s great leaders Emad Moghniyeh, who was killed in an assassination operation carried out by the Israeli Mossad in accordance with an official statement issued by Hezbullah. — The Arab and Lebanese scene is full of predictions and questions:
- 1. The Lebanese army’s units impose strict preparations to organize the movements of the masses of the loyalists and the opposition in the two big events in order to avoid any contacts that may escalate the situation.
- 2. New press information about new European mediations and the possibility of achieving a compromise in the coming stage, but leaders of the loyalists did not show any sign that proves the correctness of the information.
- 3. The political stand that Hizbullah will announce through biding farewell to one of its great leaders while the press anticipates the resistance’s retaliation against this crime. The Lebanese press said the secretary general of Hezbullah will appoint a successor for Moghniyeh and make the suitable organizational preparations.
- 4. The Palestinian dimension of the assassination operation was clear in the political and press echoes of the crime that Israel denied responsibility for, while the Knesset celebrated the crime and congratulated Olmert for committing it. This Israeli stand was considered as an attempt not to embarrass the Lebanese loyalists who may be affected by the political interactions of the Lebanese policy.
- 5. Some pro-American press sides started to criticize Syria since the operation is committed in Damascus, although the operation targets Syria also. Other suspicious sides talked about hitting a high ranking Syria official in the explosion.

Arab and I international Press

The Israeli internet site Debka said the method of assassinating Emad Moghniyeh is similar to the methods of the Mossad. Security analysts said the assassination of Moghniyeh is a message to Hezbullah secretary general and to Khalid Mishal,
Analyst of security issues in Haaretz said the massage is clear to the leaders of Hamas, Hezbullah, Islamic Jihad. Haaretz added that if the Mossad carried out the assassination, this should be considered one of its most important achievements, and it is more important than eliminating leader of Islamic Jihad Fathi al-Shiqaqi in 1995 in Malta.
The Israeli press linked between the assassination and the preparation for the comprehensive invasion of Gaza.
The Syrian daily Tichrin said Damascus Arab summit aims at activating joint Arab work.
Al-Bayan said there are dangerous attempts to militarize the space.
The Emirate paper al-Khalij wondered what card the Republicans will play to stay at the White House.
Ria-Novosti quoted the spokesperson for the Russian interior ministry as saying that the representative of al-Qaeda in the Caucasus was killed.

Satellite Stations’ News

The Syrian satellite station said the Syrian authorities continue the investigations into the assassination of Emad Moghniyeh.

Satellite Stations’ Interviews

Program: Beyond the Item of News
The expert in strategic affairs Elyas Hanna said there are many sides that benefit from the assassination of Moghniyeh and Israel considers this operation as a starting point for the deterrence operation, Palestinian political analyst Asaad Talhami said that the assassination is a message to Syria and to Palestinian and Lebanese resistance leaders.

Lebanese Press

An-Nahar said the assassination of Emad Moghniyeh dominated the general climate in Lebanon.
As-Safir said Hezbullah received a harsh and severe blow by the fall of one of its distinguished leaders.
Ad-Diyar warned from the consequences of the current events on the Lebanese arena.

Television Stations’ News in Lebanon

Al-Manar said that Emad Moghniyeh exhausted Israel for a quarter of a century and his death is a loss to Lebanon and Palestine.
The NTV wondered if Hizbullah will retaliate against this operation and how.
The NBN said it is no surprise that Israel and the US hail this operation.
The OTV said the fall of Moghniyeh in Damascus increased the density of the mystery.
The LBC said that a long time will pass before revealing the secret of Emad Moghniyeh’s assassination.
The Future said preparations for commemorating the third anniversary of Al-Hariri’s assassination are completed.

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