Who is Waiting for the Other?

At the beginning of the 1990s of the last century and following the collapse of the Soviet Union, it had been announced that the concept of unilateral powers has come to an end worldwide. The powers led by the US said that the world will start a new phase of prosperity and development on the basis of "The End of History", as capitalism with its unique system has what allows it to renew itself and to remain for ever, but the facts on the ground have proven new facts that contradicted completely the previous allegations which made the theorist of the capitalist world do their best to create the image of terrorist movements as a new enemy against the civilized world that must be faced and overcome. But it seems that their wishes will not cone true in the since of establishing the new world order, as many of the fundamentalist movements which were controlled by America rebelled against the rules of the new game because they made victory with America but they were not rewarded properly, and also the concept of freedom, independence and achieving democracy did not to come to light in those countries which believed in the American concept, rather the opposite came true which led logically to not trust the American product. Moreover, a new international change has come into being that is the recovery of the Russian state from its many political and economic crisis and its eagerness to restore its pivotal role on the international arena, with the rise of the conflict between it own interests and the interests of the US, which is the most important factor that predicts a new conflict that has been declared implicitly and the coming events will prove the new situation, and may be the announcement of Kosovo independence yesterday is just a beginning in this direction.

Emaar-Turkey Plans to Carry Out a Real Estate Project in Istanbul

Emaar Turkey Company affiliated by the Emarati Real Estate Ima’ar and the holding Toprac are signed a new agreement according to which Ima’ar will buy a land with a total space area estimated at 73000.571 square meters with a total cost estimated at $400 m in Istanbul for developing a multi purpose project comprising housing complexes, trade centers, and other facilities for recreation and amusement.

A Memorandum for Tourist Cooperation Between Egypt and Sudan

The Society of the Egyptian Businessmen for Tourism has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Minister of Tourism for the Sudanese Northern State, Othman Salim Fadllaleh, according to which the Egyptian side will provide the Sudanese side with the necessary expertise and to carry out projects to help the development process in Sudan.

24 Tourist Projects in al Raqqa City in Syria

Al Raqqa governorate will take part in the international investment conference to be held in Deir al Zor governorate between 2-3 of next March by 24 different tourist and investment project that comprise building a number of tourist hotels among them al Mansoura hotel along with water games city overlooking al Ba’ath Lake.

Kuwait National Bank Establishes the First Islamic Fund in Turkey

Kuwait National Bank has opened yesterday the first Islamic Fund for Investment in Real Estate sector in Turkey with a minimum amount of investments estimated at $250.000. The Executive Chairman of the Bank said that the Turkish Real Estate Fund will invest in trade real estates and storages in Turkey mainly and in the Middle East and North of Africa also.

Small Indexes

- The Regional Bureau of Gold International Council in Dubai has announced that the sales of Gold in the UAE witnessed last year an increase of about 24% compared to 2006 despite the increase of Gold prices by 15%.
- Brokers said yesterday that the main indicators on the Egyptian stock market have risen yesterday amid a different performance by the excellent shares whereas the shares of the Egyptian financial and industrial company have risen due to the increase of production of fertilizers sector.

Companies’ Indexes

- The Real Estate Damak Company will take part in Dubai International Exhibition for Real Estates-2008 held currently in Dubai international trade center by exhibiting a number of its project in the UAE and in the region.
- The holding al Qudra Company, one of the biggest investment companies working in the region, said that its net operating profits have reached 703 million dirhams in 2007 which equals 117% of the total capital estimated at 600 million dirhams.
- Al Riyadh Bank said that it proposed to offer the investors profits estimated by 1.6 riyal for one share during the second part of 2007.

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