The Equal Competition and the Partial Liberation

The Syrian government has taken a number of measures for liberating economic sectors during the last years, among them aviation sector or airlines which allowed private airlines companies to be established in the Syrian market but within rules and conditions that allow for those companies to work according to airlines that the Syrian governmental airline company doesnot use. The only private company which started its work is "Ajnhehet al Sham Airline Company" which is administrations says that it is still in the phase of testing the market, but it doesnot deny that despite making a weekly flights to Baghdad, yet conditions of competition in this sector are very hard specially with the entrance of competitors that are more stronger than it into the Syrian market, and also fear of granting exceptions to other competitors which will allow them to work via airlines similar to the national airlines company. As soon as the name of Loulua-Syria Airlines Company as a private company which the Syrian government has granted it a special license by the name the Holding Sham, signals of competition have started to appear hitting Ajnhehet al-Sham Airlines Company for many reasons the list of which is the great difference in terms of potentials, abilities and resources. So will reconsidering the criteria of the private airlines sector guarantee to make others get rid of fears because of un equal competition?

61 billion Riyals, the Volume of Tourism Industry in Saudi Arabia

Assistant Secretary General of the Higher Commission of Saudi Tourism has announced that the volume of tourism industry in the Kingdom has exceeded 61 billion riyals, pointing out on the sidelines of tourism and investment meeting in the Gulf held in Jeddeh that there are many factors that support this industry among them more than 12.000 historical and cultural sites in addition to 956 sites that are under tourist development as well as 100.000 rooms hotels and 53.000 equipped housing units.

$380 bn for Tourist Projects in the GCC Countries Till 2018

The GCC countries have allocated $380 bn for tourist projects till 2018 where as the official figures have shown that the Gulf tourists spend about $27 bn annually abroad. Chairman of the Union of Chamber of the GCC countries said that the volume of the Arab-Arab tourism did not exceed 40% in Arab tourism whereas 60% of Arab tourists head for other destinations outside the Arab homeland.

The Conclusion of the Activities of India International Exhibition for Weapons

The activities of New Delhi-India International Exhibition for Weapons were concluded yesterday. The exhibition held for the fifth time in India and which lasted between 16-19 of this month witnessed the participation of more than 475 companies from 30 countries and characterized by a distinctive participation of Russia few 25 institution of the Russian sector for military manufacturing the production.

Small Indexes

 The Egyptian government said that the monthly deficit in trade balance has jumped by 63% reaching $1.32 billion in November 2007 compared to the same month of last year.
 Jawad Mansouri, the Iranian ambassador to China said that Iran and China are cooperating currently in 50 regional and international organizations. It is worth mentioning that the volume of trade exchange between the two countries has reached by the end of 2007 $20 bn.

Companies’ Indexes

 Ajnehet al Sham Airlines Company has announced that it is about to make regular flights to the Egyptian Sharm al Shiekh resort very soon.
 Al Waha Capital Company has expected its investment volume to reach 20 billion dirhams during the three coming years distributed among financing, aviation and maritime transportation sectors in addition to infrastructure, real estate development sector and logistic services sector.

Exhibitions & Conferences

 The conference of "Creativity in Education" was opened yesterday in Abu Dhabi and organized by Faculties of Higher Technology for Students in Abu Dhabi with the participation of 200 experts and specialized persons in the field of offering creative scientific methods at university and under graduate education .
 Many companies from all over the world will take part in Vision-X Dubai 2008 exhibition which is the exhibition and the conference most popular in the region in terms of optics and products for eyes take care. The conference and exhibition was opened at Dubai International Center for Conferences on the 18th of February 2008.

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