The Charter of Mass Media Transmission Between Supporting and Opposition

The chapter of media transmission which was adopted last week by the 22 ministers of information in the Arab world has aroused anger and resentment in the Arab mass media circles especially that it concluded a right to be given to the boosting country with regard to suspending or canceling the license of the canal in case the articles of the charter were violated, which put an embargo on transmitting TV materials that are considered a factor that undermines social stability or national unity or the general system. As the Egyptian Minister of Information has asserted that the freedom of mass media is guaranteed, and that the goal of charter is to stand in the face of plain political discussions that tackle sensitive matters via Arab satellite televisions that are financed by private sources, many working in the mass media sector think that the charter is like a declaration of the death of what is left of freedom of press which its only platform was these satellite televisions. But if Egypt has occupied the second position on the list of the Arab countries that hosts the biggest number of satellite televisions, Qatar was the only country that refused to sign the charter, so does this mean that we will witness soon an immigration by Arab media men to Qatar? The answer will prove the mechanism of implementing the charter on the ground.

Tourist Projects Estimated at $5.5 bn in Algeria

The Algerian Minister of Tourism Sharif Rahmani has announced that big eight tourist projects with a total costs estimated at $5 bn will start soon, adding that they will be ready for investment by 2015.

Syria Expects Tourist Revenues Estimated at $7 bn in 2017

The Syrian Council for Travel and Tourism has expected an increase of tourism revenues coming to Syria in 2017 by $6.9 billion compared to $2.7 billion in 2007. A report issued by the council said that the flow of tourist investments annually will reach in 2017 about $1.2 bn compared to $600 m last year.

Doha Hosts the Conference of the Gulf Transpiration Sector in May

Chairman of Qatar Chamber of Trade and Industry said that the chamber will organize in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the GCC countries Council and the Gulf Union of the GCC countries Chamber of Commerce the first Gulf Conference for Transportation and Logistic Services next May with the participation of Gulf officials, businessmen and international organizations.

Small Indexes

- A US governmental report showed that the reserves of the US oil have recorded a sixth weekly increase last year with the rise of revenues and the decline of operating averages in the refineries.
- Prices of Gold and Platinum have hit a record at dealings yesterday with the increase of the investors’ turnout due to high oil prices and weak prices of the American dollar as well as fears with regard to supplies.

Companies Indexes

- The international “Kleish” Company specialized in private investments has announced an investment plan in Libyan projects estimated at $8 million.
- The net profits of the national Egyptian Cement Company have declined by 33% during the second half of 2007, reaching $18.46 million.

Exhibitions & Conferences

- The Qatari Ministry of Economy and Trade has announced that it will organized on the seventh of next April the conference of challenges of economic integration of the GCC countries in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council.


- Al Ittihad Airlines Company has signed an agreement for taking part in “The Motto” with the Saudi Arab Airlines Company with regard to flights between al Damam and Abu Dhabi with an increase of the number of weekly flights between the two countries via al Itthiad airlines from nine to 13 flights weekly.

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