During a speech on Sunday after being elected as President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Raul stressed that only the Communist Party, which guarantees the unity of the Cuban people, is worth of the confidence placed by the Cuban people in Fidel Castro for almost five decades.

During the constituent session of the Cuban Parliament on Sunday, the 614 deputies took up their posts before Maria Esther Reus, President of the National Electoral Commission.

The National Assembly also elected the new Council of State with Raul Castro as his President and Jose Ramon Machado Venture as First Vice President.

Juan Almeida Bosque, Julio Casas Regueiro, Esteban Lazo Hernandez, Carlos Lage Davila and Abelardo Colome Ibarra were elected as the other five vice presidents.

Rep. Fidel Castro cast his vote by sealed envelope due to his health condition.

Also during the constituent session, through direct and secret ballot, deputies re-elected Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada and Jaime Crombet as President and Vice President, respectively, of the Cuban Parliament, while Miriam Brito Sarroca was elected as the new secretary of the legislative body.

Amarilis Perez Santana, President of the National Commission of Legislature, explained the long process of exchanges and consultation for this election and recalled that Alarcon has been elected as President of Parliament for three consecutive terms while Crombet has been its vice president for 15 years.

The National assembly also approved, at the request of the President of the Council of State and Ministers, the designation of Army Corps General Julio Casas Regueiro as Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces.

Likewise, they also approved Raul’s proposal to continue consulting decisions of significant importance for the future of the nation with the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz.

In accordance with Article 75 of the Constitution, the Assembly also agreed on considering the composition of Government in a future session to be held later this year.

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