Who Makes the Solutions?

The Representatives of the Quartet (Russia, the US, China, Britain, France and Germany) are expected to hold today in Washington their meeting to discuss the Iranian nuclear problem amid international environment that witnesses the rise of a new nation with the independence of Kosovo lately, which led practically to the increase of tension between Washington and Russia which refuses strongly to recognize this independence, whereas the US has welcomed it and made assurances for the new independent state that the NATO will defend it in case it faced any threat. This new change in addition to the political tension in the Middle East, represented clearly in the Lebanese crisis, may result in the above mentioned meeting Arab and international diplomatic tours to Lebanon, which are believed to be important introductions for solutions that make the regional powers in the region prove that they have the ability to manage its economic and political issues to defend their interest even in the face of the superpowers, the this proves practically that new great economic and political powers may appear in the region, even if the big countries did not admit that even for a while, and this is the logic of the new rises.

The 13th Session of the Exhibition of Gulf Wood-2008 in Dubai

The 13th session of Gulf Wood Exhibition-2008 has started in Dubai International Trade Center with the participation of more than 2500 companies from seventy countries all over the world. The exhibition represents the biggest meeting for food stuff experts in the region and it will be held on a space area estimated at more than 60.000 square meters.

The Holding Kingdom Company Intends to Build the Highest Sky Scraper in the World

The holding kingdom company owned by the Saudi billionaire al Emir al Walid Bin Talal intends to build the highest sky scraper in the world in Saudi Arabia. Middle East Economic Digest Magazine MEED quoted a well informed source as saying that the height of the sky scraper might reach 1600 meters and it will be built in Jeddeh city overlooking the Red Sea with a total cost estimated at $10 bn.

Ten Tourist Project in the Syrian al Hassaka Governorate

Al Hassaka Governorate has announced that it will offer ten tourist projects among the 37 projects to be announced in the investment conference in the Eastern region at the beginning of next March.
The governorate further added that the projects include building hotels, restaurants, swimming pools and resorts in al Hassaka, al Khatonia, Ein Dewar, al Qameslhi, al Malkiya, Ra’as al Ein and al Yarubia with two or five-star level.

Small Indexes

- The governor of the Emarati Central Bank Sultan Naser al Sweidi said that the UAE’s economy is in a good condition adding that it might witness a growth rate estimated at 6.6% this year.
- The Chinese Company for Airplanes Renting "POC Aviation" has announced that it will buy five cargo planes-A-330-200F model from European airplanes manufacturing company air-bus.

Companies Indexes

- Dealers at the Egyptian Stock Market said that the Stock Market witnessed a rise on Sunday with the increase of the share prices of Orascom Company for Construction and Industry due to foreign sales and following the announcement by the company that it will buy the cement unity affiliated by "Abraj Capital Company".
- The club of the International Trade Leaders in Madrid, Spain has chosen the resort of al Rimal al Zahabiya in Tartous, Syria for granting it the prize of the year 2008 which holds the name of The Prize of the New Millennium, which is a new prize granted to companies with distinction in the field of the quality of products in general.


- HDFC Bank, the third biggest Indian Bank in terms of market value, has approved on buying Centrion Bank in al Punjab province in a deal that comprises all the shares in the biggest deal in the Indian financial sector for buying a dominating share.


- 600 companies from the UAE, and the other Arab and Gulf companies in the Middle East and North of Africa as well as Asia, Europe and the two Americans will exhibit their products of modern technologies in the international Emirates conference for dentistry 2008 in its 12th session.
- Contracts with a total value estimated at $13.4 bn were concluded last week on the sidelines of the exhibition of aviation industry in Singapore which was concluded yesterday backed by a great demand for buying civil planes in the region, according to the organizers of the exhibition.

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