The Websites Are New Battlefield For Political Wars

It seems that a hot electronic war is about to erupt, especially with the increase of tension between the nominees of the American elections Hillary Clinton, Obama, and John MacKin on the web site. A recently issued report by the electronic voter institute and published by Middle East network has shown a new trend in the American Presidential elections especially with the great presents of the nominees for the American presidency with regard to bloggers as well as the social websites which are witnessing great acceptance by the different social strata, most of them from the youth. On the other hand, the presidential nominees have shown great interest in the internet and its use in their electoral campaigns for allocating the nations through exercizing pressure on certain connections and through publishing video tapes of these nominees during their electoral gathering or in political debates and media interviews, let alone spending great amount of money in order their names to be present strongly on google or via social networks like Facebook. News reports have pointed out that Hillary Clinton is on the top in this field in the sense that the number of its supporters and acquaintances on the list of E-Friends is more than 52.472. The question is: Will the American election campaign be determined by the internet?!

Dubai Investment Establishment Proposes to Buy Colonial Company

The sovereign wealth fund "Dubai Investment Establishment" has proposed a conditional offer for buying Spanish Colonial Company estimating the value of the real estate company by 3.03 billion Euros in cash. The establishments said that it will offer the contributors 1.85 Euros per share in return for controlling at least 50.1% of the company or 2.25 Euros in the form of (financial tools).

Iran Attracts Foreign Investments Estimated at $11 bn in 9 Months

Iran has attracted during the first nine months of the Iranian current year which ends on the 19th of March foreign investments which exceeded $11 bn. Furthermore, it is expected the direct foreign investment in Iran to increase to $13 bn till the end of this year due to the increase of the volume of demands offered to Iran in this respect.

The Gulf Countries Allocate 380 bn for Tourist Projects Till 2018

Dr. Issam Abdullah Fakhro, Chairman of the Union of the GCC countries chambers said that the meeting of investment tourism-2008 held in Jeddeh lately aimed at adopting a unified Gulf strategy for promoting and marketing the GCC countries, touristically speaking and promoting the tourist project in the whole region, adding that these countries have allocated about $380 for tourist project till 2018.

Small Indexes

- The number of the Libyan tourist to Egypt has reached about half a million tourists in 2007 who spent in Egypt about 5 million tourist nights which equals 22% of the Arab tourism movement to Egypt.
- Official figures have shown that Kuwait’s revenues during the first nine months of the fiscal year 2007-2008 have reached about two doubles of the budget’s estimates due to the increase of oil prices throughout that period.

Companies Indexes

- The Libyan National Oil Company has concluded a contract with the American Axon Mobile Company for Gas and Oil Exploration stipulating on the conditions according to which the giant company will carry out the exploration activities in the sea opposite to the Libyan coast.
- The General Assembly of the Real Estate al Dar Company has agreed in its last meeting on distributing profits with a value of ten fils per share with regard to its total profits for 2007 estimated at 1.941 billion dirhams with an increase of 55% compared to 2006.


- The Kuwaiti International Investment House Global said that it increased its share in Bahrain and Kuwait Bank to 15.43%, following granting the company the necessary licenses from Bahrain Central Bank.


- The Palestinian pavilion has witnessed a great turn out in Milano International Tourism Exhibition, The Palestinian Tourism Ministry has taken part in the exhibition together with 152 countries from all over the world.

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