An Event and a Regional event

Gaza’s massacre and the killing of more Palestinian children in the Israeli raids are the main regional event that the press focuses on amid political questions on the interactions and consequences of the Arab and Palestinian stands towards this event:
 1. Silence dominated the stand of the moderate states’ axis despite the horrific massacre and the mass killing of Palestinian children.
 2. The official Palestinian stand is still far from grasping the reality of the massacre to produce an understanding that restores national unity. Palestinian sources expressed surprise from the Palestinian authority’s clinging to the method of satisfying Israel and the Americans through the continuous attack on the resistance and providing the suitable Palestinian cover to the continuous massacre.
 3. The continuous discussions in the Israeli military and political circles on the land operation and the horizons of its success. Some sides said the operation is destined to fail and preferred prolonged war of attrition, while others work to accelerate the land operation. Three is also a third side that prefers dialogue with Hamas instead of wasting more time and losses.
 4. Linking the massacre to the pressures, that aims at aborting the Arab summit due to Israel’s need for a curtain of silence and the paralysis of the Arab official stand, which ignores the Palestinian dimension through using the Lebanese title as a pretext for obstruction.

An Event and a Lebanese Trend

What is behind the US Military Intervention in Lebanon?

The US decision to send the destroyer Cole to Lebanese waters attracted the attention of analysts in Lebanon who linked this to the background of the Lebanese crisis and the gravitations, which are linked to it on the level of the area in the eve of the Arab summit, which is scheduled to be held in Damascus:
 1. A Direct US linking of the military step to condensing pressures on Syria to force it to interfere in Lebanon to force the opposition to accept the conditions of the loyalists.
 2. Some sources linked the US step to the Israeli preparations for launching war on Lebanon and to offering help in the stage of the landing whose scenarios were already conducted in order to disperse the force of Hezbollah and Syria in any imminent war.
 3. Sending a strong message of support to al-Siniora government and to the loyalists. Some sources said that Saudi foreign minister Saud Al-Faisal demanded during his recent visit to the US a direct US message of force to Syria.
 4. Some experts said that the step is a practical translation of the promises of the US administration to the loyalists, which means the US will not give them up.
 5. The preliminary reaction of the Lebanese opposition is the determination to defend sovereignty and independence without fearing this act of terrorizing.
 6. The opposition sources talked about revealing more realities about the four-sided meeting, which was sponsored by Arab league secretary general and the embarrassment of Amine Gemayel and Samir Geagea who vehemently criticized Michel Aoun in an attempt to justify the stand of the loyalists, which rejects the return of the refugees and the electoral law.

Arab and International Press

The Iranian paper Goya said the Iranian press criticized this week the economic crises in Iran and the complications of the fuel oil crisis.
The Emirate paper al-Khalij said Israel misleads the world concerning the reality of what happens in the occupied Palestinian lands.
The Iranian paper Roz disputes among conservative force in Iran increase with the approach f the Parliamentary elections.
Al-Bayan said in its editorial that it is difficult to understand what happens on the Palestinian arena in the light of the continuous Israeli massacres.
Analyst of military affairs in the Israeli paper Maariv said that the separating times among the rounds of violence started to decrease while the population and the army in Israel seem as impotent. He pointed out that but Israel is responsible for the new round of violence.
Europolitique said that the European commission committed itself to the normalization of relation with Libya in return for releasing the Bulgarian nurses.

Satellite Stations’ News

The Satellite Syrian station said president Bashar al-Assad discussed with Barubeck cooperation relations between Syria and the Czech Socialist Democratic Party.

Lebanese Press

An-Nahar said the US decision to send the destroyer Cole to Lebanese coasts is very ambiguous because it happened without previous signs or introductions.
As-Safir said that with the US declaration of sending the destroyer Cole, Lebanon and the area enter a dangerous political turning point.
Al-Akhbar said it seems that history is repeating itself. The US destroyers will appear again in the Lebanese waters. This step will definitely remix cards in the area.
Ad-Diyar said that Gaza bloody events take place under siege and the killing bombs.

Television Stations’ News in Lebanon

Al-Manar said it is shameful to keep silence concerning the Israeli crimes in Gaza.
The NTV said Israel kills Gaza’s children while our Arab leaders fight time in order to Kill Damascus’s summit.
The NBN wondered if Lebanon became a Lebanese responsibility after it was an Arab responsibility.
The OTV said the Lebanese presidential file became a Middle Eastern and an international race even among wars and solutions.
The LBC said Damascus behaves on the basis that the summit will take place definitely with the present leaders betting on Arab and Gulf agendas and divisions.
The Future said hopes are still pinned on the results of the Arab accelerated movements.

Television Stations’ News in Lebanon

Program : People’s Talk
Head of the reform and change bloc general Michel Aoun said I committed a mistake when I assessed that the US wants our independence. It turned out that it wants us a crossing for its project.

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