An Event and a Regional Trend

The Gaza Massacre hinders those who obstruct the Arab Summit

Gaza and the Arab summit in Damascus are twins, and the current interactions surround them. What can be deduced in the regional political and press scene is the following:
- 1. The Israeli massacres led to political interactions that embarrassed the Palestinian authority, which announced stopping negotiations with Israel waiting for the arrival of Rice. All of Washington’s friends were obliged to change their priorities from the Lebanese file as a title for pressurizing Syria and blackmailing it to the Palestinian topic which represents the failure of their political bets.
- 2. The course of the battle on the ground prove the steadfastness of the Palestinian resistance through the missiles deterring bombing of the colonies in Al-Nagab and through clashes with the occupation forces and the extension of these clashes to the West Bank.
- 3. The interactions of the Israeli failure bring to mind the memories of July war while Olmert and Barack escalates the termination operations and collective punishment.
- 4. Syria continues preparations for holding the summit while the Saudi pressures failed because most of the Gulf States stressed participating in Damascus summit and each state will identify the level of representation.
- 5. The Arab league secretary general stressed holding the summit in its location and date and the press talked about a possible visit by President Mubarak to Syria.
- 6. The speech of the Saudi foreign minister at the Shura council retreated from enmity to Syria and stressed clinging to Arab solidarity.
- 7. The visit of the Iranian president Nejad to Baghdad was considered an important regional message on the Iraqi condition that reflects the US failure in the area.

An Event and a Lebanese Trend

Lebanese press and political circles focused on the interactions of the Israeli holocaust in Gaza and the development of the internal condition in the light of the US military intervention which heated the debate on the loyalists’ relation to sending the US destroyer Cole:
- 1. Lebanon witnesses today popular movements to support the Palestinian people against the Israeli holocaust in Gaza.
- 2. Prime minister al-Siniora and the loyalists’ leaders stressed that they do not know anything about the US decision to send the US destroyer Cole to the region. Some loyalists said it is positioned far from the Lebanese waters, but the opponents said this is a weak justifications and that Cole threatens Lebanese sovereignty. The US charge deaffaires assured al-Siniora that Syria is the target and this raised questions on the Lebanon’s interest in changing itself into a base for attacking Syria.
- 3. The Washington Post said that the US made the decision to send the destroyer during the visit of the Saudi foreign minister to Washington and that the step is a Saudi-American one and not coordinated with other Arab and European sides.
- 4. The failure of the aggression on Gaza indicates the limits of the transformations that the Israeli forces can make. Some analysts said the failure in Gaza is similar to the failure during July war on Lebanon.
- 5. The new signs related to the Arab summit prove that it will take place in Damascus on its date.
- 6. Some analysts said the loyalists resort to justifications to escape responsibility for the US threats of direct intervention.

Arab and International Press

The Syrian daily Tichrin said that Israel clearly announced that it will change Gaza into a holocaust.
The Emirate paper al-Khalij said that the Arab silence concerning the aggressions on Gaza send the wrong messages to Israel.
Al-Bayan said in its editorial that Israel translates its threats against Gaza into actions.
Al-Akhbar said that Arab league secretary general Amer Musa asked President Bashar Al-Assad to help to purify Arab atmospheres before the summit.
Al-Riyadh said the hands of the Jews are stained with the blood of Palestinians.

Satellite Stations’ News

Syrian satellite station said Israel continues its massacres and Gaza is the victim of the world’s silence.

Satellite Stations’ Interviews

News Covering
The spokesperson of the Iranian foreign ministry Mohamed Ali Husseini said that the US military presence in the Lebanese water is suspicious and provocative.

Lebanese Press

As-Safir said that Israel added Gaza Strip to its historic genocides.
An-Nahar said Israel ignored the international criticisms and continued its attacks on Gaza killing more Palestinians.
Ad-Diyar said the Arab condition is nominated to more deterioration in the light of the continuous Israeli massacre in Gaza.
Al-Akhbar said the Arabs are responsible also for Gaza’s massacres because they result from the Arab silence.

Television Stations’ News in Lebanon

Al-Manar said Gaza remains in the circle of light and offers more martyrs on the road of freedom and independence.
The NTV said the Arab leaders complicate the condition in Lebanon through withdrawing their citizens and assets and ignore what happens in Gaza.
The OTV said the Arab silence continues while Israel kills more Palestinians in Gaza.
The LBC said the Palestinian authority is besieged by bitter options and Israel is in a dilemma.
The Future said the US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice prepares for visiting the Middle East to check the course of the peace talks launched by Annapolis conference.

Television Stations’ Interviews in Lebanon

Program: The Week in an Hour
Representative Botros Harb said the US has its policies and March 14 forces have their own policies and the solution lies in returning to the constitution and electing Michel Suleiman immediately as a president.

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