Bush Blames OPEC

As if the case is that the rise of oil prices is caused only by production and not because of speculations, and as if it is because the producers and not the markets. This the speech being said by Bush, and through it he is trying to throw the ball in the face of OPEC in order to forget what is going on in the American markets, i.e. speculations over oil , gold, and the dollar. So what is the meaning behind the warning of Bush
To OPEC of the consequences of the increase of oil prices in the world ?, and what is the meaning of his assurance that it is wrong that OPEC would make the economies of its biggest clients slow down as a result of the rise of prices ?.
Bush himself is pointing out to that the crises of housing, insurance, and the surge of fuel prices have negative impacts on the growth of the American economy, as if oil producers are behind it. The question is when will America stop dealing through the mentality of shouldering the responsibility on the others, and blaming them for that ?!

Motex Exhibition Reactivates The Syrian Costumes and Cloth Sector

The 19th session of Motex exhibition -2008 for cloth and costumes has witnessed signing many deals and contracts estimated by tens of millions of U.S. dollars with regard to selling and exporting the Syrian product to the Arab countries. The exhibition has witnessed also an intensive participation by Arab businessmen and traders . It is worth mentioning that companies from Arab and foreign countries have taken part in the exhibition which was concluded yesterday.

Saudi Investors Establish "Afaq"

A Saudi investors have held 14 preliminary meetings with the aim of establishing a private airline company under the name of Afaq, with a capital estimated at 150 million Saudi Riyals. Moreover, the final list of the founders of the company has been adopted , comprising 13 companies .

Arabtic For Construction Wins A Contract Estimated at $ 216 Million

A statement issued by the holding Arabtic company has said that one of its unit has won contacts estimated at $ 215,7792 for holding three projects in Abu Dhabi. The statement further said that al-Hadaf company for engineering construction will build a trade centre in the Emarati capital, a factory,, and a police complex for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company "Adnoc".

Small Indexes

- Shakeeb Khalil, the Algerian Minister of Oil said that the increase of oil prices is the result of the bad American administration of the economy, adding that this will result in the decrease of oil suuplies.
- Athens stock market has closed yesterday for the second day consecutively due to the strike of workers against the amendments in the retirement system.

Companies Indexes

- VolksWagen ,the biggest German company in the field of cars manufacturing in Europe has said that it seeks to acquire the German "Mann" company for trucks and engines manufacturing.
- The giant Russian company GazProm for gas has concluded a contract with Ukrain for settling the disputes between the two sided about the exports oft the Russian gas to Ukrain which resulted in the decrease of the Russian gas supplies to Ukrain during the last few days.


- The economic bulletin of Dow Jones has quoted a well-informed source that Dubai investment establishment has agreed with the big contributors of the Spanish real estates Colonial company on the basic conditions for concluding a deal for buying Colonial company in return for $ 3 billion.

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