Source of Violence

Human beings, and the varied human communities, resort to violence when their basic needs are not met, or in case these needs become difficult to have by means that would guarantee the dignity of people.
But the case on the ground is that many of these communities are witnessing different kinds and forms of violence, and may be the most apparent of this violence can be witnessed ,unfortunately, in the Islamic world. The reason is greatly due to the suffering of the people in the Islamic world as a result of hunger
And negligence by the governments in addressing the needs of the people and secure the factors that would maintain a real development for the best interest of the country and the people alike .Among The Muslims who are estimated by more than one billion , 430 million of them live with less than $1 a day, i.e., under the line of poverty, according to the international criteria. Moreover, among 57 countries within the Islamic Conference Organization, 29 of them are classifies among the least developing countries in the world , taking into consideration that the least developing countries, according to the United Nations, are 34 countries. The Islamic world is witnessing a high unemployment percentages that reach in some areas , according to the Islamic Bank, 50% of the total manpower.

$762 Millions, The Profits of Reuters In 2007

Reuters Group for News and Financial Information has announced that it achieved net profits estimated at 385million Sterling ($762 million) in 2007, adding that the sales were very high reflecting the power of Reuters’ services. it is worth mentioning that Reuters is expected to conclude a deal for acquiring the Canadian company Thompson for E-publishing, by the new name "Thompson-Reuters".

The Real Estate "Hedra" Company Builds A Luxurious Tower In Dubai For Women Only

The real estate "Hedra" company said that it intends to build the first tower dedicated for businesswomen only within Hedra Towers project which consists of five floors in Dubai downtown area in the trade Gulf, opposite to Dubai tower. The Executive Chairman opf the company, Sulieman al-Faheem, said that businesswomen in in the UAE have managed in proving themselves in the world of business and investment, adding that this was the reason behind building this tower. He concluded by saying that 70% of the tower’s units were sold.

Qatar National Bank Establishes with Shuraka’ An Islamic Financial Company

Qatar National Bank has said that it agreed with Kuwaiti partners on establishing a company for Islamic financial services. The biggest bank in Qatar in terms of market value further added that it will own 30% of the Qatari-Kuwaiti company for Renting and Investment with a total capital estimated at 24million Dinars ($ 88,46 million). The bank concluded by saying that it will provide its customers with the services of the Islamic financing within the GCC countries.

Damascus Hosts The Third Arab Conference On World Trade Organization

Damascus is due to host today the activities of the Third Arab Conference under the title : " the Futuristic Trends of World Trade Organization on The Light of al-Doha Program’ Negotiations, opportunities and Challenges Facing The Arab World".
The -4-day-conference will discuss problems and difficulties facing the Arab countries in implementing the agreements of the world organization, with the participation of mote than 80 Arab experts and officials. Moreover, the conference aims at evaluating the procedures that have been taken by the Arab countries for facilitating the process of integration within the international trade system, and preparing specialized technical cadres for studying and analyzing the agreements that have been signed.

Small Indexes

- Dubai Foundation for Women has launched its electronic page in Arabic and English on the international website with the aim of further promoting and interacting with the customers of the foundation in the UAE
- Brokers said that the excellent Egyptian shares declined on Sunday for the second day consecutively , affecting negatively the main indicators in the market, whereas the shares of the real estates rose at Nasr city for housing.

Companies Indexes

- The Kuwaiti Holding National Industries Group Company has announced that it contributed by $400 million in establishing a holding company based in Bahrain.
- The Emarati Al-Iteehad Airlines Company has concluded a deal estimated at 50 million Dirham with German and European travel and tourism agencies within its participation in the International Tourism Market in Berlin at Abu Dhabi emirate pavilion. Bids
- Dubai Islamic bank said it signed an agreement for offering housing loans according to the Islamic Sharea for buyers of real estates developed by " Mage" Group with a total value estimated at about 2 billion Dirham ($544,7million).


- The activities of the Third Conference of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions in Syria-2008 are due to start today. The participants will discuss many issues, on the top of which banking and Islamic transfer, The role of the supervising institutions ,in addition to the role of the Islamic Sahrea in supervising and organizing the work of the Islamic banking.

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