The US President ratified this after his veto of a bill prohibiting the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, from applying mechanisms of torture during interrogations including water boarding.

To attempt to justify his action, publicly violating the most elemental human rights and revealing his sadistic vocation, the tenant of the White House has once again resorted to the fear of the American people after September 11th, 2001: the ghost of terrorism.

“This President had the opportunity of definitively ending the debate against torture, but instead he chose to leave the door open to the use of torture in the future”, said Senator Dianne Feinstein, a member of the democrat opposition and of the Senate Intelligence Committee, reported AP, dated last Sunday in Washington.

The legislator also said, “Bush ignored the advice of 43 retired generals and 18 national security advisors that backed the initiative prohibiting what US soldiers have been carrying out to force premeditated confessions from people submitted to such an ordeal.”

W. Bush calls these degrading practices “strategies that have helped to take apart terrorists plans”.

The response was quick from human rights activists who publicly protested to condemn the decision of the President, whose mandate will soon end, but nevertheless Bush’s stubbornness continues to accumulate hate from his own citizens.

In reality the bill, which was vetoed by the President, approved 19 different interrogation methods used by the soldiers, which are detailed in the army manual, but this was not enough for the US president.

That same individual, with a solemn face, was capable of speaking to the nation on Saturday to explain his decision to veto the draft bill.

There, and in other places, Bush talks with cynicism when referring to the so called noble mission of thousands of US soldiers that are ordered to massacre the Iraqi people, in the name of human rights, against torture and terrorism.

“Torture is a black spot against the US”, said Senator Feinstein, recognizing the illegal and immoral practice of the CIA and US leaders whose scandalous acts have astonished the world.

W. Bush has been able to gather nothing valid in relation to preventing alleged terrorist attacks and uncover plots thanks to the application of torture to prisoners.

The Leader of the House of Representative, Nancy Pelosi said that the capacity of the US to be a world leader depends on its morality, not on its military power.

“We will begin to reaffirm that moral authority by attempting to annul the presidential veto next week”, said the Senator.

However, due to the approval margin in both chambers, it would be complicated for Congress, controlled by the Democrats, to overrule the presidential veto.

Obviously, it needs much more than attempts and skirmishes to rescue the government’s moral prestige, covered with mud and blood by an individual came to the White House, twice, with publicly questionable methods.

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