The Arabs and The Tourism of Folklore

Arab governments, in general, have been showing an increasing interest in The tourist sector in the last years, and some of them have been considering to turn this sector in a major and important source for the national income. This interest has been manifested through the wide participation in the 24th international tourist exhibition being held in Berlin. Almost all Arab countries have taken part in the exhibition except four countries: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia, and Mauritania . Arab tourist companies and travel agencies entered in a fierce competition with their international counterparts with the aim of wining. A share of the deals offered in the exhibitions estimated at 5 billion Euros ($7,67billion)
What draws the attention is the fact that the traditional tourism , represented in Monuments and historical sites, as well as the folk shows was the common factor in the promotional exhibitions for most of the Arab countries, whereas the same interest and focus together with the lack of the Arab countries to the factors of recreation tourism, generally speaking, is what led to the decline of the competitiveness indicators with regard to tourist attraction , which was announced in the report of the international economic report on economy and tourism.

The Conference of The Islamic Banks To Be Held In Damascus

The activities of the 3rd conference of Islamic financial institutions and banks In Syria has started its activities at Four Seasons hotel , with the participation of 800 experts in the field of Islamic banking, at a time two new Islamic banks are preparing to enter the Syrian market in the coming days to work together with the already existing banks, namely, Dala al-Baraka and the Islamic al-Tadamon banks with a capital estimated at 5 billion Syrian Pounds for each.

Iran Organizes The 13th International Conference For Gas, Oil, and Petrochemicals

The Director of Iran International Exhibition on gas, oil, and petrochemicals, Muhesen Aghjanni, said yesterday that the 13th international exhibition on gad, oil, and petrochemicals will be held between 17-21 of next April, which coincides with the one hundred anniversary of the establishment of oil industry in Iran. Taking part in the exhibition more than 1000 companies from 23 countries, 75 companies from Germany, 25 from Britain, in addition to French, Russia, Ukraine, China, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, The UEA, Sweden, Japan, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Holland, Byelorussia, and Hong Kong.

The 6th Annual Economic Conference In Sharm al-Sheikh

The 6th annual Economic Conference, organized by the financial group, Hemez, has started in Sharm al-Sheikh city in Egypt with the participation of 270 Arab and foreign investors under the title :" One-One-One" . Representatives of 67 companies with a total capital estimated at $ 345 billion have taken part in the conference.
The conference aims at reaching a direct vision for the future foreign investment with regard to a number of countries, on the top of which: Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Palestine, and The UAE.

Small Indexes

- The Arabic BBC T.V. Channel started yesterday its transmit ion to the Arab world and North of Africa, with 12 hours of transmit ion daily in the first phase. The channel aims at reaching 24 hours of transmit ion in Summer.
- The American government has announced that the American trade deficit has risen by 0,6 % in November, reaching $58,2 billion, because of the big surge of crude oil prices.

Companies Indexes

- The International Gulf Bank has said that the Saudi Ben Lade Group has been granted an Islamic financing estimated at 3,2 billion to help financing a building North of Jeddah.
- The United Arab Aluminum company, one of the companies affiliated by The holding al-Imar construction materials company CPC, has won a contract for installing aluminum and glass fronts of King Abdullah university for Science and Technology.


- The American Ministry of Defiance "The Pentagon" said that Bahrain company for Maritime and International Trade( B.M.M.I) has won a contract estimated at $ 2,8 billion for exporting foodstuff and other products to the American army in three countries.

Exhibitions and Conferences

- The 5th International Exhibition of " Qatar Prioject-2008" for the materials, equipment, technologies of construction, and environment protection is due to be held between 7-10 of April with the participation of 33 countries.
- Dubai International Trade Center is due to host between 8- 10 of next June the activities of "Inner-Tel" International Trade Exhibition specialized in designing and supervising operating trade shops, markets, and shopping centers in the Gulf area.

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