Trade Without Ethical Standards

Figures issued by World Health Organization has indicated that about 177 million child are threatened by diseases related to fatness. The world organization also has expected more than two billion and 300 million above 15 to have more weight by 2015, and the reason according to “the Group for Combating Fitness” is the non-healthy food, which the big money spent every year on promoting and marketing help consuming them, through resorting to the famous figures and world celebrities for promoting this kinds of food.
In fact, facing this destroying phenomena necessitates first a moral determination on the behalf of the consumers to put an end to the greed that pushes some to violate all the rules and norms for gaining more money and second, it demands the promotional and marketing companies to keep its credibility with regard to the message they deliver to the consumer, and may be all that will not be available always, and this is possible .
So the duty of the society is to create its own institutions that are able to correct the mistakes and deviations that are harmful to our children. By this, it will be taken a measure that strengthens the good governance and does not violate it, because trade without rules is , for sure, non-ethical trade.

The Emarati “Etisalat” Is Granted a License in Nigeria

The General Director of the Emarati “Etisalat” telecommunications company has announced that the group has been granted a license for work in Nigeria, after it paid $400 million through its partner “ Mubadal for Development”. The company, which is working in 15 countries in Africa and Asia, further added that
It will provide the Nigerians with modern technologies. It is worth mentioning that “Etisalat” company will be the fifth operator in telecommunication sector in Nigeria.

The Increase of Lebanon Debt to More Than $42 billion

The General debt of the Lebanese government has reached by the end of 2007 about 63406 billion Lebanese pound ($ 42,1) billion , with an increase estimated at 2555 billion Pound ($1,7 billion) compared to 2006.
The monthly bulletin issued by the Society of Lebanon Banks has revealed in its latest issue that this increase was resulted in the rise of the debt by the Lebanese currency with a value estimated at 1169 billion pound and the debt by the foreign currency estimated at 1386 billion pound by the end of December 2007 which equals 49,5 of the total general debt.

Dubai National Bank Grants a Loan to The Russian “ Bank of Moscow”

The Emarati News Agency said that Dubai National bank was among the banks which the Russian “Bank of Moscow” have authorized to arrange for a joint loan estimated at $ 150 million. The news agency further mentioned that the other banks taking part in arranging the loan are: the Dutch ABN Amro, the German Deutsch, the Austrian Reiweisen Central Bank of Osterreich banks, adding that the period for facilitating the loan is 18 months.
It is worth mentioning that the participating banks will concentrate on the investors in the Middle East and Asia.

Small Indexes

- The number of tourists who visited Dubai last year reached6,96 million with an increase estimated at 8% compared to 2008 as the total number reached 6,44 million tourists.
- The Kuwaiti Minister of Trade and Industry has said that inflation in Kuwait is because external factors like the big increase of transportations costs of oil. Nevertheless, he expressed hope that the prices would decline this year.
- HDG Company has said that investors from the Middle East and Islamic investors will dominate the selling market in the world real estate market in 2008, surpassing the investors who were stopped by the international insurance crisis.

Companies Indexes

- The Saudi Telecommunication Company has launched the service of family and friends for its clients with its new form, decreasing the prices of the call from 10 Riyals into 4 through a decrease estimated at 25% on 5 numbers to be chosen by the client.
- The Chinese company car” Cheery” has set the targeted number of the cars to be exported in 2008 , as the number of the sold cars in the external markets is estimated at 180 000 cars.

Exhibitions & Conferences

- The International al-Zahran Centre for Exhibitions in the Saudi city al-Damam is due to host today the Saudi exhibition for the technology of information and telecommunication with the participation of more than 100 local and foreign companies.
- The two-day-activities of Qatar Meeting for Insurance have started today with the participation of representatives of the biggest international companied working in the sector insurance, re-insurance, and mediation.


- The administrative board of the losing Italian Airlines” Alitalia” has agreed on the offer presented by Air France-KLM, the biggest European airlines company, according to the Italian company after deliberations that lasted for 16 hours for considering the options available for the company.
- A senior Iraqi official in the oil sector has said in a press statement that sIraq has concluded a deal with the American Sisco company for building a unit for producing gasoline in al-Najaf refinery with a total cost estimated at $85 million.

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