The project, which includes all patients requiring the action of the medication, will be implemented in all major hospitals in the eastern territory over the next six months.

The new pharmaceutical, named Neupogen, will help patients needing an increase of their body defense after taking different cancer treatments.

Neupogen will now join another two pharmaceuticals with similar function, which have proven effective in other research studies in Holguin, said doctor Zaimar Rodriguez, coordinator of clinical tests in the province.

The new product was developed in research centers located in Havana city; it is part of efforts and investment by the Cuban government to find efficient treatments against cancer, which is the second cause of death in Cuba.

Dr. Rodríguez underscored the work done by the medical personnel in Holguin, particularly at the Vladimir Ilich Lenin General Hospital, where most vaccines and other anti-cancer products are usually tested in the eastern province.

At present, nearly 40 clinical tests are underway in Holguin, including the HR3 Monoclonal Antibody, with favorable results for patients suffering from head, neck and prostate carcinoma.

Nearly 1 000 patients in Holguin have been benefited with clinical tests undertaken since 1993.

Cuba started these procedures in the early 1990´s. Several Cuban pharmaceuticals are being administered in Malaysia, India, China, The U.S., Germany and other European countries.

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