Nevertheless, as a modest contribution to the meeting, I wish to express certain concerns that come to my mind, accustomed to posing complicated questions, although not always with the calm and the time that I now have available by obligation. I shall be brief, succinct and limited to a very few observations.

Modern human beings are no less egotistical than the Greeks of Plato’s era. On the contrary, those of today are subjected to a torrent of publicity, images and influences more than ever before.

Within socialism one cannot exclude the formula that each person should contribute according to his or her ability and receive according to his or her work. Where do the resources come from in a society to offer services that are essential for everyone’s life, whether or not they are producing goods or economic services? One’s contribution to society cannot escape from a proportional, but never equal part of what one is capable of creating. Taxes are imperative and cannot be simply proportional. There comes a time, given their implications, that they can become almost the totality of what is created.

Direct taxes have liquidated left-wing governments in Nordic and other European countries. There is nothing more unpleasant. Collecting surplus value from services exported, aside from those provided free of charge in the international sphere by tens of thousands of compatriots, is not only fair, but more understandable than directly taxing a growing proportion of personal income, like a blow to the chest demanding your money or your life.

The incentives implemented not just in hard currency in order to buy on the market, but also in many highly effective forms of a social, human and family content, do not incite the individualism and selfishness that lead to the negation, in the most diverse disguises, of the society that we are aspiring to create.

I listened to the speeches made this morning, a number of them excellent in their expression and content. While I was writing and revising this message, I listened to you all. Your words, Miguel, constituted a clear sword thrust at those corrupt individuals who, for personal gain, pocket a slice of that surplus. They have to be hit "with the fury of the slave hand at his opprobrium," like the tyrant. I have quoted the words of one of Martí’s Versos Sencillos.

I ask myself, can the methods used to run a grocery store create the consciousness required to attain a better world? It would make no sense to talk about revolutionary consciousness if developed and globalized capitalism, anticipated almost 100 years ago, did not exist.

The consciousness of human beings does not create objective conditions.

It is the other way around. Thus we can only talk of revolution.

Beautiful words, necessary as the bearers of ideas, are not enough; what is needed is profound meditation.

Two days ago, an article in the foreign press referred to 30 great inventions that have transformed the world: compact discs, GPS’s and DVD’s, cell phones, faxes, the Internet, microwaves, facebook, digital cameras, electronic mail, et cetera, et cetera.

The quantity of dollars that would be involved – and in part is already involved – in the sale of each of those products accumulates so many zero’s in the hands of the transnationals that it is unintelligible. Worse still: each one of them will be replaced by another, more effective invention and even the secrets of a couple talking on a park bench can no longer be guaranteed.

Does the kind of existence promised by imperialism make any sense?

Who are the ones ruling people’s lives? Can mental and physical health even be guaranteed, given the as yet unknown effects of so many electronic waves for which neither the human body or mind has evolved? A UNEAC congress cannot fail to address these thorny issues. Many people will say: ‘that’s fatalism.’ I would answer, ‘No, fatalism is not posing the problem.’ I don’t even want to bother you with these lines.

The climate is changing as a consequence of the irresponsible actions of humans. The equilibrium has been broken.

I have mentioned to you only some of the questions that, observing the realities of the world, are passing through my mind.

I very much enjoy seeing the advances of our people in different fields, advances that other societies free of cruel blockades and mortal threats have been unable to achieve, including in relation to the struggle for environmental conservation.

That provokes the hatred of our adversaries. I have seen articles in eminent organs of the capitalist press that attack us like a pack of hounds. They talk about our country as if we were beggars and starting from zero, and not a nation with a minimal level of education that has not been achieved by the most developed countries, excellent health indicators and social security that is maybe too high, as I thought when a Congress delegate spoke justly of those who grossly mistreat certain social property, and who called for us to fight against habits that our society repudiates.

The adversary is committing serious errors and demonstrating astounding stupidity in its battle against the objective truth. Just recently, Yankee companies contracted for their services on the orders of the Yankee government deprived hundreds of thousands of Swedish citizens access to the Rebelión web site on the Internet, which publishes news on Cuba. They simply cut their access arbitrarily. They are incapable of understanding that interest in Rebelión is multiplying and the battle of ideas between Cuba and the empire is intensifying.

Please excuse me, dear compañeros, if I have extended myself.

I am observing the empire and its sinister plans.

Starting from our healthy, patriotic and internationalist efforts in the manual and intellectual tasks that we carry out every day, I would dare to affirm: everything that ethically fortifies the Revolution is good, everything that weakens it is bad.

A strong embrace for all of you.

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