The Arab Media Establishments and the Lack of Cadre

Despite the statistics of the Arab Center for Researches and Consultation Studies ( Bark ) have shown that the total media spending in the Gulf markets and the eastern part of the Arab world reached $7.69 billion last year, yet many regional marketing establishments still complain of the big shortage of qualified cadre specialized in media sector, to the extent that most of these establishments seek the help of foreigners to face the shortage of specialized and creative people in this field, and also to address the increasing demand on advertisements in the region which is witnessing an unprecedented constructional, financial, and economic boom, due to the surge of oil prices.
But the affirmation of experts in this industry that a real change in the philosophy of advertisement in the Arab region is happening embodied in the fact that it is being turned from just promoting and marketing of a certain good into investing in the identity of the companies, their trademarks, projects, and the announced goods gives a good and positive sign not only with respect of developing this new industry, but also of the fact that there are Arab qualified youth who only needs more opportunities within a long-term vision aiming at achieving an additional value for this important trade sector.

Money of the Sovereign Funds Will Reach $ 10 Trillion in 2015

The International Organization for Financial Services, based in London, has said in a report that the money of the Funds of Sovereign Funds grew by 18%, reaching $3,3 trillion last year, adding that these money will reach $ 10 trillion in 2015, due to the increasing oil prices and the increasing trade surplus of the Asian countries.

Jordan Tourist Sector Calls Upon Syria to Exempt its Vehicles from “the Diesel Tax”

Officials in the Jordanian tourist sector have called for cancelling the additional tax on Diesel imposed lately by Syria on the Jordanian travel vehicles heading to Syria, because it will have negative impacts on the tourist sectors in both countries.
The tax is estimated at about 120 Dinar for small vehicles, and 250 Dinar for the big vehicles, according to the Jordanian “al-Ghad” newspaper, whereas the decision included all foreign vehicles “non-Syrian” that run by diesel and leaving the Syrian territories.

The American Economy Heads into a Temporary Depression

Head of the American Federal Reserve Ben Bernanki, has expected the American economy to witness a recession during the first half of this year, adding that it will recover as a result of the decrease of the high prices of interest which will contribute in more growth.
He further pointed out that the American economy has witnessed in the last month crises in the insurance, housing, and financing fields, expecting an increase of growth rate during the second half of this year and during 2009.

Assets of Lebanon Central Bank Of Foreign Currencies Increase

A periodical report issued by Lebanon Central Bank has shown that its assets of the foreign currencies have risen in the second half of last March, reaching $181,150 million, after it declined in the first half to $ 4,02 million.
The report further showed that the total increase of these assets last month reached $ 137, 48 million, taking into consideration that these assets raised last February to $995, 52 million.

Small Indexes

 The International Monetary Fund has expected the inflation average in the Gulf area to reach 85 this year compared to 7% in 2007 due to the rise of housing rents, prices of good stuff, and the general expenditure.
 The volume of exchange in the Jordanian real estate sector during the first quarter of this year has risen to 1390 million Dinar, with an increase of 25 million Dinar or 2% opposite to 1365 million Dinar of the same period of last year

Companies Indexes

 Prince Faisal Bin Sultan al-Abdullah has announced the establishment of the Saudi joint-cooperation ‘ Ibhar” with a capital estimated at 500 million Riyal, as the percentage of subscription of the company has reached 15%.
 The profits of the Kuwaiti companies registered in 2007 at Kuwait stock market have reached about 4.4 billion Dinar compared to
2,56 Billion in 206, with an increase of 71%. It is worth mentioning that the investment sector has achieved the highest percentage of profits estimated at 239%.


 Exhibitions Centre in al-Riyadh city is preparing for hosting the exhibition of “ G-TEX- Saudia- 2008” to be held between 20-24 of April 2008. The exhibition is considered on the most prominent annual exhibitions in the Middle East, as it continues to achieve for the 7th year consecutively great success.
 The Gulf for the Tourism of Promotions and Conferences exhibition is due to be held in Abu Dhabi Emirate for three days till the 10th of this month.

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