An Event and a Regional Trend

Hamas Warns from a New Adventure

The internal Israeli discussions on the dilemma in Gaza continued and the centers of studies and the press called for dialogue with Hamas and supporting the efforts that aim at achieving a unity government between Hamas and Fateh so Israel can reach a permanent compromise. The Israeli extremists called for invading Gaza and destroying any possibility for the emergence of resistance cells which threaten the existence of Israel according to the supporters of this trend.
Hamas’s leadership revealed dangerous information about an Israeli plan to assassinate a number of its leaders in the coming few days and following this with a comprehensive military invasion of Gaza Strip. Hamas announced that the resistance factions are in a state of alert to deal with all the possibilities. Palestinian sources said the problem lies in the behavior of the Palestinian authority which is determined to response to the demands of the US conditions in the Palestinian file. The Palestinian authority cooperates on the security and political level with occupation despite the US-Israeli stand which is based on eliminating the Palestinian rights and preventing any kind of dialogue between Fateh and Hamas. It seems that the illusion of testing power in Gaza aims at establishing a new reality before May 15 to facilitate the signature of the declaration of principle between Olmert and Abbas that corresponds to George Bush’s vision. The sources added that the new tests will only succeed in increasing the complexes that the continuous Israeli failure accumulated.

An Event and a Lebanese Trend

Between the Maneuvers and the Initiatives

The press and political circles focused on the Israeli military maneuvers and the interactions of the Lebanese crisis. The press revealed the following indicators:
- 1. Lebanese resistance stressed readiness to confront any Israeli adventure during the unprecedented military maneuvers and in the shadow of the condensed assurances of the UNIFIL to the Lebanese side.
- 2. The press talked about condensed Israeli activity to activate the German mediation in the issue of exchanging captives between the resistance and the enemy. This coincided with a French movement to prepare a draft project of a statement to be issued by the Security Council on the occasion of submitting the report on the resolution 1701. The draft includes a call for releasing the two Israeli captives and accelerating the election of the Lebanese president. An opposing source said Sarkozy does not miss any chance to show his bias to Israel in the Lebanese issue. This attempt will face the same complications at the Security Council, which prevented issuing such statements that serve Israel.
- 3. Al-Siniora’s tour started in Cairo and press reports said that he prepares the atmospheres to call for holding a special meeting for the Arab foreign ministers on the Syrian-Lebanese relations. Sources in the opposition said al-Siniora tries to turn around again after the success of the Arab summit.
- 4. The house speaker confirmed that he intends to call for the table of dialogue to activate the movement that aims at achieving internal conciliation.

Arab and International Press

The Syrian paper Tichrin said Syria was able to overcome the fiercest pressures in its modern history and resisted the US-Israeli pressures and threats.
The Emirate paper al-Khalij said in its editorial Russia threatened to take counter measures if the US installs the missiles shield in Europe. Doctor Abdul Qader Bajmal wondered if the Arab summit succeeded and if Syria succeeded in forming an Arab public opinion that sympathized with the summit.
The Jewish journalist Geoffrey Goldberg said that the real danger that threatens Israel is internal and is related to the continuity of the settlement policy.
The Israeli paper Yidiot Aharonot said the Israeli security institution opposes revealing the details of the raid on north Syria fearing such details will obstruct peace efforts with Syria.

Satellite Stations’ News

The Syrian satellite station said Bush-Putin’s summit failed in solving the problem of the missiles shield.

Lebanese Press

Ad-Diyar said Lebanon entered the stage of economic bankruptcy in the shadow of al-Siniora’s government.
An-Nahar said the Lebanese government tries to secure an Arab cover to deal with the crisis with Syria.
As-Safir opened the big Israeli military maneuvers with the following phrase: “The war has started”.
Al-khabar said Egypt will witness next Tuesday the summit of the sides which were absent from Damascus’s summit: president Hosni Mubarak and the Saudi king.

Television Stations’ News in Lebanon

Al-Manar said the illegal prime minister started an Arab tour and the house speaker will also start an Arab tour in order to find a solution for the Lebanese crisis.
The NTV said Israel started a big military maneuver for an army whose mission is erasing defeats.
The NBN said the ruling team resorts to political maneuvers to escape commitments to the solution.
The OTV said the Lebanese government sells lands to foreigners within the framework of the settling project.
The LBC said al-Siniora’s statements in Cairo revealed that Damascus pressurizes Beirut to seek gains from Riyadh.
The Future said al-Siniora aims at correcting the Syrian-Lebanese relations.

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