Drugs is a New Enemy that Needs Alert

Inspectors at Dubai Custom House have managed to foil an attempt for Heroine smuggling through terminal no. 1 at Dubai International airport.
In details, the inspectors have suspected a person who was coming from one of the Indian countries, and put him under the inspection machine, and they found that there are capsules in his stomach.
When faced with that, he admitted that he swallowed about 137 capsules containing heroine, and that he got a big sum of money in return for smuggling these capsules to the UEA.
That was the news in brief circulated by the Gulf media two days ago, which coincided with other news that the Syrian Custom House had also foiled two similar attempts , one on the Syrian-Jordanian borders, and the other at Damascus international airport.
Despite the ability of the security forces to identify the smugglers and foil smuggling attempts, which is , undoubtedly, makes one optimistic, yet, at the same time it increases the fears with regard to the spread of this phenomena in our Arab countries which necessitates more efforts on the behalf of the security forces, first, and on the behalf of the mass media, second, in order to put an end for the spread of this fatal weapon among our Arab youth.

International Monetary Fund Says: The Crisis of the Real Estate Sector Will Cost the World $ One Trillion

The International Monetary Fund has announced that the growth rate of world economy in the coming two years will be slower than it was expected as a result of the insurance crisis.
In its latest report, the Fund said that the expectations for 2008-2009 will be a slower growth rate by 3,7%, i.e., an average of 1,25% compared to 2007. The International Instantiation further added that the main reason behind this decline is the slow growth rate of the American economy which will witness " a slight recession" this year.
Moreover, the report went on to say that the British economy will be greatly affected by the weakness of the real state sector, and the contradiction of the financial sector, as well as the impact of the slowness of the growth rate in the U.S. and Europe on the exported British goods.

The Opening of "Dubai Mall" Next August

A statement by "Emaar" Group said that it will open its big investment project" Dubai Mall" on the 28th of next August.
"Dubai Mall" is considered one the most important and biggest shopping destinations in the world, with a space area estimated at 5,900 million cubic meter, which equals the total space area of 50 football fields.

Syria Takes Part in the Meetings of the General Assembly of the International Bureau of Exhibitions

Syria has taken part in the meetings of the General Assembly of the International Bureau of Exhibitions, held lately at the French capital , Paris, with A delegation headed by "Mohammed Hamoud" the General Director of the General Establishment of Exhibitions and international Markets.
The meetings discussed issues related to the exhibitions industry in the member states, and the conditions of the regional bureaus , and other related issues.

An Emeriti Company Buys The Armenian TSCC in Return for $ 200 Million

" Ras al-Khaima" Investment company for Mining and Metals has said , in a statement, that it will buy an Armenian company for metals exploration in return for $ 200 million .
It is worth mentioning that "Ras al-Khaima" government owns 50% of the company while the other half is owned by " Tree mix" Group for Metals.

$100 Billion, the Deposits of The Lebanese Banks Abroad

Governor of Lebanon Central Bank, "Riyad Salama, has said " if the total deposits of the Lebanese banking sector abroad were calculated, then it would have exceeded $100 Billion", pointing out that these results require an ahead and different approach for the banking work in Lebanon.
He further added that Lebanon Central Bank and the Society of Banks have avoided through cooperation many problems and crises which big international banks were unable to because they were only concerned with gaining more profits.

Small Indexes

- Iranian Minister of Industry and Mining, "Ali Akbar Mehrabian" has said that his country has built 10 factories of wheat in Venezuela.
- Prices of the American crude oil for future dealings dropped yesterday by more than one American Dollar in an up and down session amid fears over economy ,and after prices have risen reaching the hit record achieved on Wednesday above $112 per barrel.

Companies Indexes

- " Nakhil" Company for Hotels is investing $ 375 million (1380 million Dirham) for buying 50% of the shares of " the American "Fontanablo Miami Beach" for resorts.
- The International Investment Company " EBIC", owned by Abu Dhabi government said that it bought 2% of Energia De Portugal "E D P" aiming at more investment opportunities in water and real Exhibitions & Conferences :

Exhibitions & Conferences

- Petersburg Economic Forum is due to be held between 6-8 of June 2008, with an expected number of participants of 700- 8000 persons, according to Novosti Nerws Agency.
The Forum will be attended by more than 1000 Chairmen of big Russian and foreign companies. Also about 3000 senior officials are expected to take part representing the foreign delegations.
- Moscow International Cars Exhibition-2008 is due to be opened on the 26th of August with the participation of more than 600 companies from all parts of Russia and from more than 20 countries world wide.
New cars of 45 international products will be exhibited, according to the first vice-Chairman of Exhibitions Center " Krokos International" in Moscow, " Alexander Bortsof".

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