Following the Economic Collapse of Gaza Stripe

Talk about an immanent economic collapse in Gaza Stripe has become of the past, not because Gaza’s economy has went beyond the collapse or because the collapse has already took place, and the talk today is about what after it, and about the consequences of this collapse.
On 18-3-2008, the Palestinian economy in Gaza Strip rung the bell of danger, when the "Popular Committee for Combating the Siege" inaugurated a small symbolic symmetry for factories which stopped working as a result of the continuous and overall siege since ten years. But this step had not had an echo in the world public opinion, and at least it did not succeed to ease the grave tragedy which the owners of these factories, and the workers, who joined the long cue of the unemployed, are witnessing, and this has risen the averages of poverty, misery, and frustration, hitting a record.
Moreover, the indicator of the high costs of living recorded a number estimated at 1, 24% last March compared to the previous month. According to the Palestinian General Commission of Statistics , prices in Gaza Stripe witnessed a rise estimated at 3,73% as a result of the rises of food stuff prices by 6,35%, prices of educational services by 4,91%, and at last but not least, prices of consumer in Gaza also rose by 38,58% compared to September 2000.

The Opening of the Exhibition of the Promotion of the Gulf Industries

Syrian Minister of Industry, Dr. " Fouad Issa al-Juni" , and Secretary General of the Union of the GCC Countries, Mr. "Abudullrahim Hasan Naki", are due to open next Wednesday at Damascus International Fairgrounds in Damascus the First session of the Exhibition of the Promotion of the Gulf Industries " Gulf –Exbo-2008" , held by the General Secretariat of the Union in cooperation with the Technology of Exhibitions Company.

The Syrian Establishment of Exhibitions Offers an Excellent Issue of the Lottery

The Syrian General Establishment of Exhibitions and International Markets has offered the first excellent issue of the lottery "Erase and Win". The big prizes of the issue are two prizes each is one million Syrian Pound in addition to another 20 prizes, each estimated at 5000 Syrian Pounds.

Profits of the Saudi "al-Jazeera" Banks Decline

The Saudi "al-jazzeera" Bank said on Tuesday that its net profits during the first quarter of this year dropped as a result of sharp decline in the activity of the shares markets. In a statement published on the Web site of the Saudi Stock Market, the bank further added that achieved profits estimated at 153 million Riyals during the first quarter , which equals .,78 Riyal per share, adding that the profits of the commission of shares dealings drooped by 46% reaching 117 Million Riyal.

$ 3 Billion, the Volume of Arab investments in the Egyptian Tourist Sector

Egyptian Assistant Minister of Tourism has said that the volume of the Arab investments in the Egyptian tourist sector have reached more than $ 15, 3 Billion, expecting the coming period to witness many Arab investments in this sector, and especially in the field of building trade centers and complexes, companies of tourist transportation , restaurants, in addition to projects of building more hotels.

Companies Indexes

- The Executive Chairman of the Iranian Oil Company in the Central Region said that more investment opportunities in the oil and gas projects of the company are available by a value estimated at more than 5 Billion Euro.
- The volume of the real estate projects in the Gulf has exceeded $ one Trillion Riyal. It is worth mentioning that the Gulf countries host more than 885 real estate projects with a total cost that exceeded 4 1,25 Trillion.

Companies Indexes

- "JWT-Dubai" has won lately the title of " the best Promotional Agency for the Year 2008" , held by Dubai –Linex Festival for Creative Promotion.
- The International Dubai Investment Group, owned by the Emirate government said yesterday that it expressed interest in managing and developing a seaport in the Mauritanian capital , adding that " it sees great potentials" for building a free zone in the country.

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