Prices and the Dilemma of the Government

The surge of prices has become the daily talk of the Syrian citizens, as it is not reasonable at all to witness an a rise of the rise month after another in a way that has never seen before, whereas the members of the economic team come up with a pretext after another for justifying what is happening. They are also trying to pump the Syrian average man with smooth talk by promises that there will be an increase of incomes, and more firm measures in supervising the increase of prices, in addition to other promises.
Is the government is witnessing a general economic dilemma represented in a crisis of prices and no firm monitoring in the markets? Or is it a matter of weak political policies?
Some think that what is happening today is the result of changes in the Syrian economic depth and not on the economic surface. What is happening today is the price of shifting to te economic liberalism, and what will come later will be harder and more harmful on the daily life of the people. It is Liberalism, my friend.

The Exhibition of Promoting the Gulf Industries in Damascus “ Gulf Expo”

The first session of the Exhibition of Promoting the Gulf Industries “ Gulf Expo” was opened yesterday at Damascus International Fairgrounds, held by the General Secretariat of the Union on the Chambers of the GCC countries in cooperation with Technology of Exhibitions Company.
It is worth mentioning that the exhibition will witness different products ranging between heavy and light products, food stuff industries , packaging and wrapping, electronics, electricity, rubber, plastic, glass and its products, paper and its products, metals, in addition to equipment, building materials, and furniture.

Syria Sets Up A Plan For Attracting The Gulf Investments

Syria intends to announce a plan for promoting investment which includes holding a number of investment forums with the Arab countries with focus on attracting the Gulf investments. The state-run newspaper “al-Thawra” said that the Investment Commission will discuss the final draft plan in the coming days, quoting the General Director of the Commission Mr. “Mustafa al-Kafri” as saying that the plan includes holding the Syrian-Yemeni Investment Forum next month and the Syrian-Sudanese investment Forum next June. He further added that the government will hold a conference for investment in the southern region of Syria as a similar conference was held in the eastern part early March.

757 Million Riyal, the Profits of the Saudi-British Bank

A recent study has revealed that the number of the internal tourist trips in Saudi Arabia in 2007 has reached 28,5 million trips opposite to 27,1 million tips in 2006, with an average estimated at 5% , whereas the average of growth rate in terms of the number of visitors in 2007 has reached 4% last year. According to the study made by the Centre of Researches and Tourist Information “Mas” , the Local tourists spent about 188 million nights in 2007 compared to compared to 184 million nights in 2006 , with an average estimated at 3%.

Lebanon Signs on Financial Aids Estimated at $ 4,4 Billion

Lebanon has signed last March agreements with the donating countries and institutions, with regard to the money these countries promised to pay, with a total value estimates at more than $ 4, 4 Billion. The government has achieved progress in carrying out 140 reforming initiatives, which form 47% of the initiatives of the overall reform plan , and said that “ the government has made a progress in implementing 55 initiatives of reform, which form 51% of the overall reform plan , and it managed with regard to expenditure orientation and increasing the revenues which contributed in decreasing the general debt compared to the GDP by 1565%.

“Linovo” Considers Acquisitions in the Middle East

An executive official at “Linvo” Group, the fourth largest manufacturers of computers in the world said that it is considering activities of acquisitions to expand outside Asia Among these markets the Middle East and Turkey, as “Linvo” seeks to expand in countries where the use of computer is limited at a time the slow of the American economy is threatening of decreasing expenditure on the technology of products.. The company has further asserted its intention to do so through selling shares or bonds without mentioning any further details.

Companies Indexes

- Prices of the crude oil have jumped into a new historic record, after it exceeded 4 114 per barrel, raising the prices of fuels into levels that have not been reached before.
- The number of the Qatari tourists who visited Syria last year reached 16500 tourists.
- The Real Estate “ Im’mar| company has achieved net profits of 1,655 Billion Dirham ( $ 0,451 Billion )in the first quarter of 2008.


- “Nixes” company, the pioneering company in the region in providing specialized financial consultations, has been awarded the prize of “the best company for insuring the life of the individuals “for this year , during the biggest forum of experts and decision-makers in the insurance sector in the region.
- The Holding “Al-Khalij” company announced yesterday that it sold the second phase of “Al-Areen” suburb within the activities of Kuwait International Real Estate Exhibition with a total value estimated at 146 Million Riyal.

Exhibitions & Conferences

- The activities of the 4th meeting of Tourist Investment are due to start between on the 29th-30th of this month under the patronage of the Syrian Prime Minister, Mohammed Naji Utri.
- The 13th Arab Conference for Heads of Passport and Citizenship was opened yesterday in Tunisia. The conference, to be concluded today, will discuss three issues which take the priority at present: immigration, passports, and citizenship.

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