Prices of Food and the Worst has not Happened Yet

Inflation of food stuff prices has turned from a temporary case into a permanent one , and from a special case into a general one that most world countries complain of , be it rich or poor countries, agricultural or industrial ones . But the main challenge is that the burden of the crisis is indeed on the shoulder of the strata which are less able to bear it, whereas the governments express worry because they are fully aware of the close bond between the security stability and food stuff security, and a number of the leaders have started to ring the bell.
“Chairman of the International Monetary Fund “ Dominique Strauss “ has said that what is worse than the violent actions which are the results of the surge of food stuff prices has not happened yet, agreeing with the British Prime Minister “ Gordon Brown” in this respect.
For his part, Head of “FAO”, “Jack Dyouf” has expected the world to witness instability all over the world, whereas the French president “ Nicola Sarkozy” has commented of the crisis of food stuff prices by saying that the current crisis not only calls for an immediate and quick response rather than an ambitious strategy . But despite all these warnings, may be what seems to be the worst sign is that nobody has come up with a solution yet.

The Profits of the Real Estate “ Nakhil” Company Increase by 4,69 Billion Dirham

A statement issued by “ Nakhil” company for Real Estate Development , owned by Dubai government, has said that it achieved net profits by five times more compared to last year, gaining a total of 4,69 Billion Dirham as a result of the increase of selling lands by more than 9 times , reaching 10,5 Billion Dirham, whereas the costs of building housing flats have declined by three thirds of its value, reaching 1,53 Billion Dirham, and the costs of building housed have also declined by the same value, reaching 1,12 Billion Dirham .

Emaar Company Launches “Palace” Tower at The City of Dubai Tower

The Real Estate “Emaar” Company has revealed that it intends to build : Burj Palace”, the unique housing and trade project within the city of “Dubai Tower “ Burj Dubai” which has become the centre of the new city.
According to a statement issued by the company, the project is characterized by its unique location which connects it directly to Dubai Metro, and with its closeness to the service of the tram down town of the city of Dubai Tower which will provide the people living in the area and to the visitors with a highly qualified telecommunications network.

14 Million Tourists in Egypt in 2011

The Egyptian Minister of Tourism, “Zouheir Jarana” has said that Egypt is looking for receiving 14 million tourists who will visit Egypt in one year, pointing out that his ministry’s plan aims at realizing this number in 2011. “Jarana” further added that realizing this number is likely in 2009 or 2010.

50 Speakers Run the Forum of Arab Media -2008

Dubai Club of Journalism has announced that the Forum of Arab Media will host in its 7th session more than 50 prominent speakers working in this filed and well-known media men from 15 Arab and foreign countries under the title of:” Technology and the Integration of the Arab Media”, within its activities to be held between 23-24 of This month at “Mon Park” hotel in Dubai. The forum will hold seminars and worhkshops before it concludes its activities by a session on the new prospects of freedom of expression which has been made available by the modern technologies and the modern E- media.

Small Indexes

- The Syrian, Jordanian, and Saudi governments have signed an agreement for holding a joint study of the feasibility of reactivating “ Al-Hejaz” railway which connects the three countries.
- The Yemeni Ministry of Tourism has announced that the number of the tourists who visited Yemen has risen to 400000 by the end of last year opposite to 350 000 visitors in 2006.
- The Indian “ Asian Age”, issued in New Delhi, said on Friday that Iran and Pakistan are possible to sign an agreement for laying a pipeline for exporting the Iranian natural gas top Pakistan on the 25th of this month.

Companies Indexes

- The American “ Merill Lynch” Group announced yesterday that its total loses during the first quarter of this year have reached $ 1,97 Billion amid a difficult work condition and cancelling a big sum of money from its loan package.
- Dubai “al-Ula” Company for Real Estate Development has said that it achieved net profits during the last three months which ended on the 31-3- 2008 estimated at 3,6 million Dinars , and a profitability of shares that reached 16 fills.


- The activities of the 12th session of the U.N. Conference for Trade and Development are due to be held between 20- 23 of this month in Akra. It is worth mentioning that the session is held every 4 years focusing mainly on issues of trade, development, globalization, and available opportunities.
- The U.N. has extended invitations to all its members to take part in the high –ranking meeting on the international agreement with Iraq due to be held on the 29th of May in Sweden. The conference will discuss the five-year-plan for helping Iraq in re-construction and development.

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