Vitamins Might Increase Causes of Death

A new scientific report has revealed that taking anti-dioxides like Vitamin A and E might have negative results, in the sense that they increase causes of death. The researches focused on taking different and various doses of vitamins: A, C, and E, Selenium, beta-carotene, and with the participation of 232,550 persons. It was found that vitamins A and E might increase the causes of death.
Researcher Goran Belakovich, who carried out the research at Copenhagen university in Denmark said that up till now no evidence has been reached that taking vitamins make healthy or sick people alike live longer. He further said that:" the results of the research indicated that E, A, and beta-Carotene showed that there is an increasingly possibility on the danger of death". Moreover, the study showed that taking vitamin A has to do with the increase of a possible death by 16%, whereas taking vitamin E has increased the possibility of death by 4%, and taking vitamin beta-Carotene has increased the danger by 7%. Nevertheless, the study did not reach any evidence on the possibility that vitamin C might have a negative effect on health.

"Amlak" Enters the Syrian Housing Market

"Amlak Company for Financing" has said that it signed an MOU with the holding "Al-Sham" with the aim of providing the Syrian market with solutions for housing financing. This new partnership, which will carry the name of " Amlak For Financing-Syria", is a new step within the framework of the ambitious plan of "Amlak" to expand in the region.

Morocco Signs Agreements with France with a Value of 500 Million Euro

Kingdom of Morocco has signed a number of cooperation agreements with France estimated at 500 million Euro, on the sidelines of the meeting between the Prime Ministers of both countries. The agreements have to do with carrying out feasibility studies of the railway of the express train " TGV" between Casablanca and Tanya with a total cost of 75 Million Euro, and carrying out a metro line with a cost estimated at 150 Million Euro , in a addition to an agreement for buying Morocco a multi- function warship, of " FRAM" model.

Turkish Banks Consider Opening Branches in Syria

Sources at Turkish newspapers have said that a number of the Turkish banks are considering opening branches in Syria, especially after the increase of the number of the Turkish businessmen and investors who are taking an increasingly active part in Syria. For its part, "Zaman" newspaper said that among the most important Turkish banks which seek to invest in Syria are the agricultural bank " Banksi for Agriculture", the Popular bank " Khalk" bank , and the "Labour" bank " H-Bank" . It is worth mentioning that the number of the private licesenced banks in Syria is 9 , in addition to two Islamic banks, let alone the Governmental banks.

The Profits of the Syrian Trade Centre Covers 6% of the Revenues of the Budget

The General Director of the Syrian Trade Bank " Dr. "Duried Dergham" has said that the bank has got revenues between 5-6% of the total budget , adding that the profits of the Trade bank are currently estimated at 30 Billion Syrian Pounds, making it the first establishment in terms of revenues .

The Increase of the Assets of the Kuwaiti Banks by 27%

The bulletin published by Kuwait Central bank has mentioned that the volume of the assets of the local banks have risen to 37,2 Billion Dinars during the first quarter of this year with an increase estimated t 27,8% compared to the same quarter of 2007. The edition of March bulletin has asserted that the assets of the Kuwaiti banks were varied among demands on private sectors estimated at 23, 4 Billion Dinars, demands on the Public sector estimated at about 1, 8 Billion Dinars , in addition to the foreign assets estimated at 7,4 Billion Dinars and deposits in banks estimated at 1,8 Billion Banks, let alone the other assets.

Small Indexes

 The Saudi Minister of Labor : Ghazi al-Qusaibi" has said that there are private institutions which achieved acceptable percentages of offering jobs , adding that there are others which did not meet these percentages.
 Syrian Minister of Agriculture, Dr. " Adel Safer’ has expected Syria’s’ production of wheat to witness a decline for this season compared with the previous seasons as a result to the bad weather which hit areas of cultivation.

Companies Indexes

 The Spanish " Thementos LA Onion " company has opened its first integrated factory in the Egyptian "Suez" city with a total value of investments estimated at 116 million Euro ( $ 184,8) .
 "Al-Khalij" bank has announced that it achieved net profits estimated at 32.2 Million Dirham during the first three months of 2008, with an increase of 7,1% compared to the same period of last year.

Exhibitions and Conferences

 The Saudicapital " AL-Riyadh" has witnessed the beginning of the 7th International Exhibition for Information technology " GETEX- Saudi". The activities will last till the 24th of April at the Centre of Exhibitions in "AL-Riyadh".
 Secretary General of the Saudi Board for Tourism and Antiquities has opened the first Gulf three-day meeting for tourism and Society organized by the General Establishment for Technical and professional training .


 "Linex" company, specialized in providing acoustics , wireless, and network linkage solutions for house hold consumers and the sector of small and medium-sized companies , on the one hand, and "ABM" company, on the other, have concluded an agreement for providing programs of continuous protection of the data of files within the group of products and services offered by "Linex" from "Sisxo" for small companies.

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