This new type of ‘disappeared’ is a close friend of the White House, became an agent of its secret service, has practiced the most brutal terrorism and as a result deserves, for a government like that of George W. Bush, all consideration and possible protection.

Confessed assassin Luis Posada Carriles has for a year now, lived in comfort somewhere in Miami, according to some of the press, while Washington has taken him far from the turbulent legal processes and publicity of the mass media.

It does not matter that Venezuela, from which Posada is a fugitive for his participation of the bombing of a Cubana airliner killing 73 people on board, is demanding the terrorist’s extradition.

The bombs at the Cuban hotels that killed a young Italian tourist do not matter. Even the fact that the US Departments of National Security and Customs and Immigration, in a letter dated March 26th, 2006, declared him a public enemy and denied his presence in the US also does not matter.

W. Bush was smart enough to rescue the terrorist from a Panamanian prison, accused of attempted to bomb the University of Panama where Fidel Castro was participating in a meeting with students and professors. Later his illegal entry into the US on board the boat Santrina, was organized through Mexican territory.

Afterwards there was no alternative but to take him to jail after so much adverse publicity. Later he was charged as an “illegal immigrant”, followed by a series of legal tricks to get him out onto the street. And that is the current situation after one year. The former chemical engineer that learned from the CIA how to mix explosives lives in the United States without hindrance or complications like a good criminal made in the USA.

And it is good for the world not to forget this dirty episode. The arguments against the performance of Washington are not just for history but for humanity to know that W. Bush really is a protector of terrorists. He identifies with violence, blood, death and destruction just as a way to attempt to impose his own ideas and in the interests of the most conservative groups which he represents.

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