The Future of the Middle East

The activities of " Davos" Economic Summit have started yesterday at Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt. The Summit, which is the sixth of its kind in terms of focusing on the region of the Middle East since it was first launched in 1971 at the Swiss city " Davos", will tackle the issue of " the Future of the Middle East" in 2008 and after.
In fact, the future of the Middle East in 2008 and what comes after has to do to a great extent with reading the modern history of the region, and especially after the establishment of Israel as an occupying force that took over the rights of many peoples in the region and only the rights of the Palestinian people.
What drew the attention in the speech of the American president " George Bush " delivered at "Davos" Forum is that he did not mention anything about his previous promises with regard to the establishment of the Palestinian state before the end of his term, whereas he concentrated more on the previous calls for establishing democracy in the region which he launched at the beginning of his presidential term, which proved to be meaningless and void for the whole world aiming only at free propaganda, and also urging the countries in the region and the Arabs to take a hostile position against Syria and Iran. All these factors show that the Middle East in 2008 is not as the American say explicitly, rather as they are planning it to be , practically speaking, that is to say a Middle East full of crises which the Americans wish to control it completely.

Buildex- 2008", the First in the Region In Figures and Statistics

The activities of the 14th session of Buildex Exhibition -2008 were concluded last Friday at the Fairgrounds in Damascus , with a total number of tourists estimated at more than 222000 , according to Mr. "Alaa’ Hilal" the General Director of the Arab Group for Exhibitions, 76% of them were Syrians, 18% Iraqis, Jordanians , Saudis, Egyptians, Sudanese , Libyan, Yemeni, and from the Gulf region, in addition to 65 from other nationalities. He further added that the exhibition has witnessed a big increases in the number of companies taking part with a total number estimated at 1795 companies and trade marks from 54 countries distributed among 580 pavilions.

The Arabs Take Part with Europe for Developing Tourism in the Middle East

Ministers of Tourism of 10 European and Middle Eastern countries have agreed on a big number of proposals of cooperation in the field of tourist cooperation under the umbrella of the proposed work of the Mediterranean Union.
French Minister of Tourism, Hervé Novelli has said that the proposed projects have been chosen by the ten Ministers of Tourism, adding that these proposals will be submitted to the European Summit on the European Union to be held on the 13th on next July in Paris, comprising developing the joint tourist products which add a value to the cultural heritage.

The Biggest Syrian Bank Launches New Electronic Services

The biggest Syrian bank has announced that it intends to launch new services for paying electricity bills electronically via the bank.
The state-run " Al-Thawra" newspaper quoted the Director of the Syrian Trade Bank " Dureid Dirgham" as saying that " after the successful experience of paying the bills of mobile phones electronically , preparations are underway for launching the service of paying the bills of land-line phones electronically , adding that the bank has been granted the required approvals for launching also the services of paying electricity bill as well as paying the taxes through the same way.

" Arabtec" For Construction Signs an Agreement with The Company of Tourist Development and Investment

The Company of Tourist Development and Investment has said that it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with " Arabtec" company for Construction with a total value estimated at 2 billion Dirham for designing and developing the first phase of the villas to be built at "Al-Sadiat" coast, located within the project of " Al-Sadeat" project near Abu Dhabi.

" Aser" Achieves 22% of the Volume of Sales of Portable Computers

" Aser" company for Computers has achieved an average of growth rate estimated at 64, 8 % at the market of portable computers in Europe , the Middle East, and Africa, as a new study , prepared by the independent International Research and Consultations Establishment " I D C , has shown that " Aser" came first after it acquired a share estimated at 21,75 in the market during the first quarter of t2008.

Small Indexes

- Al-Doha Bank said yesterday that the total volume of subscription with regard to increasing its capital has exceeded 5,5 billion Riyals ,and that it exceeded what has been offered for subscription by 4,9 times.
- The Directorate of Economic Development in Dubai issued last year 14185 new licenses for carrying out economic activities in the Emirate with a growth rate estimated at 13% compared to 2007 , according to a press statement published by the Directorate.

Companies Indexes

- " Shuaa’ Capital" Company has achieved net profits estimated at 400 million Dirham for the fiscal year which ended on the 31st of March – 2008 , with an increase estimated at 3% compared to the previous fiscal year which recorded 261,8 million Dirham.
- Statements at the Kuwaiti stock market have shown that " Al-Khurafi" Group has risen its share at the Mobile Telecommunications Company " Zain" for mobile phones by about 10% through one of its units.

Exhibitions & Conferences

- Dubai International Cinema Festival has announced that the second session of Dubai Cinema meeting, the first market of documentary and long films in the UAE is due to be held between 13 – 17 of December 2008

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