Africa Cries: "Food is Not For Sale"

"Every second a child dies because of famine. It is high time to move. Stop delivering rhetoric speeches, and let us exert more efforts and hard work". This is what the Algerian Minister of Agriculture Said Barka said, who also added that the international food crisis is a cry by Africa for starting a green revolution that should have started a long time ago.
_ During the 2nd day of the activities of the Summit held for discussing the crisis of food stuff in the world, Secretary General of the U.N., Ban Ki Moon was handed a petition of the signatures of more than 300000 via the internet in which they say that there is no time to loose.
Moreover, the petition, organized by a law group via the internet called "Afaz.Org", said : we call urgently upon you to take a fair and just measure through gathering urgent financial aids in order to prevent a famine and also to eliminate hinders to transform food into a biological energy and to control financial speculations.

A Decline at the Kuwaiti Stock Market

The index of the Kuwaiti stock market closed with a decline estimated at 6 points by the end of yesterday’s dealings, settling at a level of 15112 points.
Moreover, the number of the shares dealt with has reached about 409 million shares by a total value of 188 million Kuwaiti Dinar , distributed among 11347 financial deals.

Syriatel launches the Service of International Phones during Air Flights

The Syrian "Syriatel" Telecommunications Company for Mobile Phones has announced that it launched the service of international calls via air flights on the 3rd of June 2008, making itself the first operator of mobile operator in Syria which offers this service, commercially speaking .

The Real Estate "GR8" Company Launches the Project of "Burj Al-Buhaira" in Ajman

The real estate "GR8" company has announced its new project "Burj Al-Buhaira" in Ajman with a total cost estimated at more than 300 million Dirham.
The new project consists of 30 floors at the towers of "Buhairat Al-Emirate" in Ajman city.
Moreover, the project comprises a studio flats, a one room flat, and another a two room flats, and it is subject to the conditions of free owning, i.e. 100% with granting the owner a permanent residence.

A Tunisian Promotional Campaign Till 2011

The Tunisian Minister of Tourism, Mr. Khelil Lajimi said that his country intends to set up a promotional campaign for the Tunisian tourism between 2009-2011 , targeting the traditional markets which are witnessing a relative decline.

16 Billion Syrian Pounds, the Value of 4 Tourist Projects in the Syrian Governorate of "Dara’

The volume of the investing tourist projects in the Syrian governorate of "Dara" proposed during the 4th International Tourist Meeting held in Syria has been estimated at about 16 million Syrian Pounds , distributed among many parts on the governorate.
The proposed projects , 4 in number, have comprised the real estate site number 319 , "Al-Wahda" Dam, at "Al-Qusair" area, owned by the Directorate of Agriculture in Dara with a total space area of about 2057 acres, which is an integrated tourist area for development with a total cost estimated at about 9,7 billion Syrian Pounds , and the site of "Kawkab Al-Qabalia" in "Jkin", owned by the Directorate of Awkaf (Endowments) in "Dara", with a space area estimated at about 580000 square meters and it is an integrated area for tourist development with an initial cost estimated at about 5,250 billion Syrian Pounds.

Small Indexes

 The Syrian Ministry of Economy and Trade has concluded its preparations for applying the law of "protecting the consumer" on the 11th of next month .The state-run newspaper Al-Thawra has said that the rules of this law has been set up, and that a consultative council for protecting the consumer headed by the Minister of Economy has been set up.
 The Jordanian Minister of Telecommunications has said that the project of connecting 330 governmental schools in the Kingdom through fiber network will be completed by the end of 2010.

Companies Indexes

 An official at the Saudi Holding company "Al-Shula" has said that the group established a real estate company with a total capital estimated at 20 billion Riyals ($ 5,33 billion) for getting advantage of the big rise witnessed at the real estate field in the Middle East.
 The Gulf Trade Bank said yesterday that it established a company with a capital estimated at 4 2 billion. The domain of activities of the company will be selling construction materials and offering services for the construction markets in the Gulf, the Middle East and North of Africa.


 Amadeus, the provider of technical solutions and distribution company in the tourist and travel sector, said that it signed an agreement which will entitle it to become the partner for exclusive distribution for 12 airlines members in AACO.
 The two Directorates of Civil Aviation in Qatar and Greece have signed, following deliberations between the two sides on air flights, the agreement of common symbol of air flights between Qatar and Greece.

Exhibitions & Conferences

 The activities of the 3rd Arab-Turkish Economic Meeting is due to start on the 12th of this month in Istanbul with the participation of prime Ministers of Syria, Qatar, Palestine, and Secretary General of the Arab League.

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