By Les Blough

There is a qualitative and historical difference that distinguishes the ongoing 2008 attack on the people of Palestine from all of Israel’s former acts of genocide.

The blockade: The attacks follow the 2 month blockade resulting in starvation, disease, desperation and general weakening.

The conditions: Zionists attacked people who are helplessly penned up in the prison called Gaza, with no way to defend themselves and nowhere to run. Gaza has the highest population density of any place in the world.

The timing: On the day before the attack, the Israeli government lied to the Palestinians, telling them they opened the borders to receive the first shipment of food, medicine and other humanitarian supplies in 2 months. The Palestinians were waiting for relief and instead were bombed.

The deception: Israel began planning this attack 6 months earlier during the cease fire with Hamas. Their agreement to a cease fire was the first step in their plan. As the two sides approached the end of the cease fire, Israel loudly claimed it wanted an extension. But by hermetically sealing off Gaza, they produced desperate conditions which made it impossible for Hamas to extend the cease fire. Under conditions of siege, starvation, disease, very little water, electricity and sewage disposal, Hamas refused to renew the cease fire. Israel used Hamas’ refusal as justification for the massacre.

The intra-imperial context: This massive bombardment of Gaza is taking place:

 during the transition from Zionist Bush regime to a new Zionist regime under Obama whose chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel is a dual citizen (U.S.-Israel) and previously served in the Israeli army;

 on the tails of the defeat of the U.S. in Iraq and the U.S. and NATO in Afghanistan;

 during the re-deployment of troops from Iraq to Afghanistan as promised by Obama and begun under Bush;

 during the world-wide failure of the capitalist economic system;

 just after the Mumbai attacks, setting the stage for a Zionist-propelled invasion of Pakistan; the true origins of the attacks are yet unknown;

 after Joe Biden prophesied that Obama’s "mettle will be tested" around January 20, 2009 by an international crisis.

The indiscriminate ruthlessness: the ferocity and length of the attacks on unarmed civilians and children; while Israel has committed similar killing of unarmed civilians in the past, nothing compares to this since Ariel Sharon’s butchery at Sabra and Shatilla in September, 1982.

The psychopathology: The psychology of this rampage can only be understood as a psychotic break from reality and from all societal and legal norms that are universally acceptable. The world is watching sociopaths, bent on a blood bath, in an episodic butchery akin to the madness of a serial killer in a room full of innocents. Serial killers are known for their sexual inadequacies and general impotence and their rampages are rooted in their own insecurity.

An impotent’s revenge: After Israel’s embarrassing defeat by Hizbollah in 2006, after trying to execute an unprovoked war on Lebanon, the Israeli people decried the impotence of their government and demanded victory. Fearful of a repeat of another beating by Hizbollah they beat their war drums for an attack on Iran. When this did not materialise due to their fear of Iran, they turned on the easy target in Gaza with their cowardly massacre from the air was, among other reasons, to show their military strength and prowess.

Religious fanaticism: Although Israel claims their right to conquer and "retake" all of the Middle East, none of their attacks reflects this view as much as the attack on Gaza. This massacre is embedded in the fanatical religious belief that Israel is performing the will of God. Genocide is deeply rooted in the bloody history of their Bible. In the Hebrew bible, Samuel told Saul that God wanted him to attack the Amalekites, saying that God said,

"I will punish the Amalekites for what they did to Israel when they waylaid them as they came up from Egypt. Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys’ (1 Sam 15:2-3).

This bombing of the Gazans reflects this same murderous path. It is also roundly supported by the Christian Zionists who support war on the perceived enemies of Israel as fulfilling God’s instructions and Biblical prophecies. Israel and the Christian Zionists are fundamentally a joint-uncivilized tribe, stuck in the past and covering their personal greed and immorality with religious claims of divine right.

The immediate political objective: to crush and eliminate Hamas, all of Gaza and eventually, the West Bank into servile obedience.

The imperical objectives: the U.S. and European-backed destabilisation of all Arab countries and dominance of the Middle East for a "Greater Israel", exploitation of cheap labor, an expanded market place and theft of petroleum and other natural resources.

The genocide: the long term objective to eventually eliminate 1.5 million Palestinians from the land that the Zionist believe belongs to them by an ancient divine covenant.

The international revulsion: Finally, what distinguishes this massacre from the others is the magnitude of the international negative response to the bombing, strafing and missile attacks on the people in Gaza. This outrage comes, not from the U.N. or other organisations and governments - but from the people. In the not-so-distant past, the western media conglomerates and the Zionists controlled the flow of information. International awareness among ordinary people of Israeli atrocities has been growing for one reason - the Internet. Try as they might, they have been unable to control this ubiquitous medium that reaches even the poorest of people in internet cafes from Africa and Asia to household computers in the "developed" countries.
This is evident when one sees the power and volume of essays and letters by disregarded intellectuals and journalists as well as ordinary people who are flooding PCs, laptops, telephones and internet cafes across the world. In the last 2 days, we have been listing the rage-laden messages that have been pouring into the headquarters of anti-Israeli protest on the internet - URUKNET. Our reason for doing this is to extend URUKNET’s long reach even further - and to demonstrate the international response by the people to Israel’s maniacal attacks on a helpless, impoverished and innocent victim.

This response by the people on the Internet can be viewed against the backdrop of the capitalist media which has been twisting the truth into tortured language that continues to depict the armed killer as the victim and the helpless victim as the perpetrator of the crime. But the manipulations of the imperial media that have functioned in the past, work no longer. The people know and sooner or later, the people will respond. There is no greater danger to oligarchy than an educated populace. Today, the corporate media squawks about reprisals for Israel’s terrorist attacks on Gaza, as though these victims are a real danger to the most powerful nuclear threat and conventional military in the Middle East. Noone can predict exactly when, where or how the reprisals will come, but they will come as surely as the sun rises in the East.

Source: Axis of Logic