A many as half a million people could lose their homes as adjustable mortgage rates rise over the next two years.

In Sacramento, California, tent cities populated by the recently homeless have begun springing up in a scene reminiscent of the Hoover ear. This is yet another sign of bad economic times, and reflects the need for change, not based on ideology, but on the practical needs of the people.

NBC News Reports

Comment by a reader:
There’s been homelessness in the U.S for a long long time. Nobody seemed to care when it was the mentally ill (Reagan had many mental institutions shut down in the eighties), the "losers" and those that were considered "not playing the game right". I don’t forget how a professional man told me once that the homeless actually wanted to live this way. I guess that is his way of justifying this. While papers and news enjoyed telling everyone how many billionaires there were, who the latest richest man in the world is, and talking about the latest hollywood dresses at the Oscars. There have always been extremely poor in the U.S. that were marginalized and ignored. The U.S. made propaganda to the world showing how "everyone" lived with two cars and three garages. Its very sad that nobody has been willing to show the real complications of capitalist extremism, as if it is hard to understand that in an extremist Capitalist system "losers" are MADE and very necessary.

Source: InformationClearingHouse.info