Obama supporters: Scrutinize Obama the same as you scrutinized Bush. Look for inconsistencies between "deeds" and "words." Be intellectually consistent and you will see once and for all that our elected officials are little more than salesmen. They are there to sell an agenda that moves forward REGARDLESS of who is in office.

A shorter related video:

The Obama Fraud: Welcome Back to Reality
An Open Video to Barack Obama Supporters

Barack Obama is being hailed by his supporters as one of the greatest leaders to ever guide America. He is the voice of hope and change that this country is dying for. Unfortunately, when you look past the side issues and media hype, you discover that there is little meaning to his rhetoric. He is controlled by the same corporate and globalist interests that Bush and Clinton were controlled by. He is a C.F.R. puppet and it is very dangerous to blindly support him.

Sources: http://www.stopthelie.com/; infowars.com; prisonplanet.com; Republican Broadcasting Network