Cuban Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon specified that the representatives of the US government are the ones who have presented the complaint to obstruct justice.

Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramón Labañino and Rene Gonzalez have been the victims of the political ill will of the US government, in an open implementation of an antiterrorist double standard that is protecting criminals within its territory, like Luis Posada Carriles.

The President of the Cuban Parliament gave details of the evident contradictions on the part of the US government and court, the manipulation of evidence and the falsehoods in the behavior of the District Attorney’s Office, as well as in the rulings of some judges, while others have given good reasons for the innocence of the accused, like Mrs. Crabish.

With regard to prospects in the case of The Five, Alarcon considered that the judges of the Supreme Court won’t need too much time to decide to review it or not, and said they should do so by around June 15.

What is appropriate is to withdraw the false charges presented by the US government so the legal process of The Five concludes, and the President of the United States can do it, he stated.

He recalled that, in May, the US District Attorney’s Office withdrew the charges against two real spies in favor of the state of Israel, which shows that it’s possible, on the part of Obama.

Alarcón underlined that we’re not talking about the misbehaviour of a child, but of a government and of a legal system in the exercise of its duties, something that is called prevarication -he explained-, since a crime of malfeasance or malicious failure to comply with the law or by culpable ignorance of the public functions carried out, has been committed.

Prevarication also means fraudulent or culpable injustice by a judge or magistrates, he clarified.

He added that these meanings apply in both cases, since the very day of the arrest of the Five until last Friday, when the US government presented the document opposing the Supreme Court knowing the case.

Alarcon read part of the document presented by federal district attorney’s office, which insists on charges that the Atlanta Court of Appeal decided to overturn along with the sentence it pronounced against some prisoners.

He recalled that the appeal magistrates declared that the sentences had been wrong, since the Court didn’t find that they had collected or transmitted secret information, which continues to be ignored by the US government.

The US Supreme Court must decide if it will admit the revision of the cases presented by the defence lawyers or not, which have been backed by 12 Amicus Curiae signed by 10 Nobel Prize winners and other personalities, the interest of whom is to contribute to a better understanding of the arbitrariness committed.

Alarcon said that the reply by the defence lawyers to the document written by the US government was presented on Wednesday on 10 pages, in which it emphasized that it is the only trial in history that has been condemned by the United Nations, a fact that the US government ignores, as it is doing with the dozen Amicus Curiae received.

He added that the number of Amicus is greater than that of any other previous case submitted to the Supreme Court, and tackles four fundamental aspects.

The first of them deals with the racial discrimination to which the selection of the jury that acted in the hearing against The Five was submitted.

Another issue is the venue of the trial in Miami, contested at the time by the defence with enough reasons to prove the probability of bias. The experience of Elián González, the Cuban child, kidnapped by Florida-based mafia members and in the end returned to his father in Cuba, was still fresh.

The defence counsel maintains the obvious, Alarcon pointed out: There is no evidence that Gerardo Hernandez had anything to do with the events that led to the incident of the airplanes that flew over Cuban airspace, which was even admitted in a document issued by the US government in May 2001.

Nevertheless, Gerardo is the only person on this planet serving a life sentence for something he was not accused of when he was declared guilty.

This is the best proof that the venue for that trial was inadmissible, since only a jury selected in Miami could reach such an absurd ruling, he explained.

The fourth element put forward by the defence to the Supreme Court is about an act of discrimination, since the Court of Appeal decided to overturn the sentence against Ramon and Antonio, but it didn’t do the same with regard to Gerardo, for whom it incredibly ratified two life sentences.

It has been amply demonstrated that the grounds for their sentences were false.

In the case of charge two, of espionage, the Atlanta Court of Appeal came to the conclusion that it did not exist, since there was no transmission of secret information.

The President of the Cuban Parliament showed a letter addressed to president elect Barack Obama on December 15, 2008 by the ex-governor of Puerto Rico, in which he requested the Supreme Court to investigate the assassination of Carlos Muñiz Varela, perpetrated 30 years ago.

The letter specifies that, despite the fact that the Federal Bureau of Investigations has evidence that would facilitate the indictment of the culprits, it has not provided them, and mentions the names of the criminals.

Alarcon and lawyer Jose Pertierra, who represents Venezuela in the request to extradite terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, also requested President Obama to act in accordance with law and justice, and assume the moral rectification of the United States for having incited terror all these years.

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