The accord was penned in the Capital San Salvador by Hugo Martinez, foreign minister of that country and Cuban deputy foreign minister Alejandro Martinez.

In a press conference that followed the signing of the accord, Martinez said that “this is an action that allows El Salvador to rise to current times and pay its historic debt to Cuba…a step that should have been taken long time ago. Bilateral relations between Cuba and El Salvador should have never been broken,” he said.

The Salvadorian government official said next step is the approval of the establishment of ambassadors in each country, which will be requested by means of reciprocal letters in that direction.

Cuban Vice President Esteban Lazo, who headed his country’s delegation to the inauguration ceremony for the new President, described the event as a victory of the Salvadorian people, who have been able to counter pressures and threats and have made an election of their own. Lazo added that he was honored with the decision of reestablishing relations with his country and pointed out that “the flags of Cuba and El Salvador will wave at our embassies.”

Despite the US campaign aimed at isolating the Cuban Revolution, there was no breakup of relations between our two peoples, said Lazo.

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