Press reports confirms the US government’s intent to implement a mass vaccination program in Fall-Winter of 2009. A major contract for 160 million doses has been established with Big Pharma, enough to innoculate more than half of the US populaiton. Similar plans are ongoing in other Western countries including France, Canada, the UK. Volunteers are being recruited to test the swine flu vaccine. (see video below).

The Los Angeles Times has reassured the US public with an article entitled: "What are the odds that H1N1 will kill you?"

"Federal health officials say the U.S. expects to have 160 million doses of swine flu vaccine available sometime in October if all goes well.

That’s despite continued bad production from manufacturers around the world. The chief ingredient for vaccine is grown in chicken eggs, and companies are getting far fewer doses per egg than is usual with regular winter flu.

Another complication: That 160 million estimate assumes a low dose will work. Studies will begin in a few weeks to see if this new vaccine will protect with a low dose or if people will need a higher one. Scientists also expect people will need two separate inoculations, about a month apart, for protection."

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Source: AP