Hezbollah leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

Hezbollah denounced on Saturday the US decision to renew sanctions against some Lebanese and Syrian personalities according to "null and void pretexts."

In a statement it released following the decision made by US President Barack Obama to renew sanctions imposed by his predecessor George W. Bush against Syrian and Lebanese figures, Hezbollah renewed its full condemnation for the US decision.

"The decision constitutes a recurrent attempt to mystify the real reasons behind the Lebanese crisis which are the Israeli occupation and threats," the statement read. "Obama is persistent in adopting the "superior" approach of the former US administrations represented by the flagrant interference in the Lebanese internal affairs," it added.

The Resistance party emphasized that the renewal of the sanctions also constitutes a signal that the US President is going too far in his aggressive conduct and is following the logic of imperial arrogance. It recalled that the US administration gives the priority to its commitment to the security of Israel and the covering of its crimes.

"It seems that the US administration’s failure in imposing more relinquishment and surrender and overthrowing Arab rights pushed it to take such decision," Hezbollah pointed out, deducing that that the claim of "openness" is just another trick used by the US administration to allow the passage of dangerous schemes.

Hezbollah concluded its statement by warning that the bet on such decisions is a losing one that will only result in losing more legal and sacred rights. Therefore, Hezbollah said that the time for Arabs to wake up and take appropriate measure has come "since the US administrations are presenting additional proofs of their commitment to the Zionist entity’s interests."

Source: almanar.com.lb