Abdelatif Moussa, Chief of Palestinian radical group "Jund Ansar Allah", delivering a sermon in a Rafah mosque on 14 August 2009

The recent fire-fight between Hamas and a hitherto unheard of ‘Islamic’ group calling itself Jund Ansar Allah (Soldiers of the Companions of God) in which the group was wiped out with many being killed or wounded, has raised questions about who was behind the group.

According to a report in the Jerusalem Post, Hamas has claimed that the group had been armed by Fatah agents in the Gaza. Since Fatah in the Gaza is known to be supported by Israel in their fight against Hamas, it would not be unreasonable to come to the conclusion that Israel is either directly or indirectly responsible for this attempt to bring trouble to Hamas in the Gaza.

While the evidence of collusion between the Jund Ansar Allah group and Mossad via Israel’s proxy in the Gaza, Fatah, is circumstantial, the evidence of Israel’s attempts in the past to introduce false Islamic extremist groups into the Gaza to act as agents’ provocateurs is abundant.

Source: lataan.blogspot.com