“We know that the Turkish judge (Huseyin Akbulut) that acted against Cuban Rey Eduardo Recio (75 kilograms) in the Milan World Championship, was expelled from the tournament, but we consider that measure as insufficient”, Fernandez told Prensa Latina news agency.

According to the COC president, it is not understandable that a judge’s call openly affects a boxer and that the only sanction would be the expelling from the event, instead of removing him for life from AIBA.

How long the judges that make mistakes and, more than mistakes, injustice, will be only expelled from tournaments and later will continue in the same position?” pondered Fernandez.

The Cuban official expressed the Cuban disagreement since “either we stop those irregularities, injustices and mob within boxing from happening or this can bring graves consequences”

Still Fernandez said he was confident that this situation will not repeat in the final stages of the World Championship, and held AIBA responsible for any other anomaly in the combats results.

Middleweight Recio lost his bout this Tuesday in Milan against German Konstantin Buga when the judges voting proved detrimental to his victory.

Recio was leading on the fight 9-7 with only 40 seconds remaining when Buga was granted three points out of the blue to achieve the victory 10-9 over the Cuban.

Then AIBA decided to take Akbulut, who was manning one of the five scoring machines, out of the event.

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