Pakistani General Hamid Gul in a 2004 interview to ’India Abroad’, the largest circulated newspaper for the Indian-American community.

A former Pakistani intelligence chief asserts that the ultimate goal of the United States in Pakistan is cutting out a ’favorable state’ out of parts of Iran and Pakistan to run its regional operations.

In a Sunday interview with Press TV, former head of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Hamid Gul said the US growing and suspicious presence in Pakistan was in the service of stitching together an accommodating state from parts of the Iranian and Pakistani shares of the sprawling Baluchistan province.

The retired lieutenant general said of the “long-term goal for America” that “…we know that they want to keep Pakistan destabilized and perhaps create…Baluchistan as a separate state in order to create problems for Iran.”

"The long-term objectives are really to fragment all these countries to an extent that they can establish a strip that would be pro-America, pro-India, pro-Israel," he added.

He quoted a Baluch leader as having talked about the “puppet state” in a London press conference: "He talked about the Kurd areas, he talked about Iranian Baluchistan and he talked about the Pakistani Baluchistan."

"So this seems to be their long-term objective apart from denuclearizing Pakistan and blocking Iran’s progress in the nuclear field," he emphasized.

Under the pretext of deterring alleged al-Qaeda elements on the Pakistani soil, the United States has been expanding its presence there.

Gul said Washington was infiltrating trained military personnel into Pakistan under the guise of security contractors.

The US has also been justifying its presence by claiming that the ubiquitous Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan have been complicating their operations there, he suggested.

Source: PressTV