The final tribute paid in the Jose Marti Memorial was also led by
Vice President Esteban Lazo, Parliament leader Ricardo Alarcón and Pedro
Saez, First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party in Havana.
Previously, other political and government leaders as well as thousands
of Havana residents took the place of the guard of honor.

In the Revolution Square, as well as in several cities of the
country, Cubans from different generations paid homage to one of the
three Commanders of the Revolution since early Sunday morning until the
end of the evening.

Director of the Jose Marti Program Office, Armando Hart, said
Almeida was an essential part of the Cuban Revolution. “He always
reminded me of Liberation Army General Antonio Maceo (1845-1896),” Hart

Representatives of the diplomatic corps in Havana singed the
condolences book in a demonstration of respect for the revolutionary.

Almeida was also recognized for his artistic values. He wrote more
than 300 songs including one that became very famous in Cuba: “No se
rinde nadie” (No one is giving up), a phrase he said during a combat in
the Sierra Maestra Mountains. He also wrote 12 books. The first
one: ‘Contra el agua y el viento’ (Against the Current and the Wind),
won him the ‘Casa de las Américas’ 1965 prize in the category of
testimony. ‘Casa de las Americas’ is a prestigious cultural institution
created in Cuba to promote and foster the culture of the Americas.

Messages of condolences for the irreplaceable loss have been
received in Cuba from several parts of the world, while the
international media have echoed the sad news.

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