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Nikolai Makarov

During the meeting, both leaders spoke of several topics relating to bilateral relations and also about topics of international interest. Raul asked the visitor to pass on greetings to his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev, to the military forces of the Russian Federation and to the Russian people. For his part, Makarov thanked Raul for the warm welcome given to his accompanying delegation and for the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with Cuba’s top leaders and military chiefs. Also present in the meeting were, on the Cuban side, Army Corps General, Deputy FAR Minister and Chief of FAR’s General Staff Alvaro Lopez Miera as well as Division General Leonardo Andollo Valdes and Brigade General Arnaldo Tamayo Mendez. The Russian side included Moscow’s ambassador to Havana, Mijail L. Kaminim; Lieutenant General Alexander V. Shliajturov; Major General Viacheslav M. Proshkin and the Russian Air, Naval and Military Attaché in Cuba, Colonel Vladimir A. Androsov.

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