The Heads of State and Government of countries belonging to the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, ALBA, met in Cochabamba (Bolivia) where they signed a treaty creating a new virtual currency, dubbed the Sucre.

The currency - named after General Antonio José de Sucre, Simón Bolivar’s companion and hero of the Latin American liberation struggle against Spanish imperialism - is slated to replaced the dollar in all commercial exchanges between ALBA countries.

Indeed, as explained Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, due to the artificial value of the greenback Washington has been able to hoard the wealth of other countries.

For the next ALBA objective, the Venezuelan president envisions the creation of a defence military alliance against the United States. Hugo Chávez emphasized that only in such a way would the countries be shielded from the belligerence of the U.S. All the more reason when considering that "Nobel Peace Prize Laureate" Obama has recently organized a military coup in Honduras and has installed military bases in Colombia. Chávez also said that such an alliance could possibly be extended to other Southern countries outside Latin America, echoing the idea submitted by Lybian leader Muammar al-Gaddafi during the recent Africa-Latin American Summit.