Minister of Agriculture and Vice President of the Ministry Council of the Republic of Cuba H.E. Ulises Rosales Del Toro addressing the Plenary on the occasion of the World Summit on Food Security, 17 November 2009, FAO

Speaking in the second day of sessions of the event, organized by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the head of the Cuban delegation to the meeting, Agriculture Minister Ulises Rosales del Toro, said that the rich nations’ incompetence to solve this problem is not justifiable.

Prensa Latina news agency reports that the also VP of the Cuban Council of Ministers added that the representatives from the rich North should be embarrassed by the more than one billion human beings that live with hunger in a world that produces 2.5 times the amount of food that the planet’s population need.

“The developed countries have an indisputable responsibility for the hunger and
malnutrition of so many people. They imposed commercial liberalization among actors that clearly have different possibilities,” he added.

“They ruined many of the small producers of the South, and regions that were previously self-sufficient, and even exporters, were transformed into importers of food,” Rosales continued.

The Cuban Agriculture Minister noted that the essence of the current world crisis lies in the unequal and unjust distribution of wealth and the monopolizing role of the big transnational companies.

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