In an interview published on Tuesday by Granma newspaper, the official recalled that both nations established diplomatic relations on March 23, 1979, and that Cuba’s cooperation with his country has increased, mainly in the fields of education, health and sports.

He added that some 25,000 of his compatriots have benefited from the Miracle free eye care program promoted and carried out by Cuba and Venezuela in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Desmond Antonius noted that there are currently almost 60 Surinamese youths studying in Cuba and that 45 others have graduated from Cuban universities, including the current Surinamese Health Minister.

Since 1994, Suriname has voted in the UN General Assembly in favor of a Cuban resolution condemning the almost 50-year-old US economic blockade of the Caribbean nation.

Suriname is a republic located in the northeastern coast of South America with a
territorial extension of more than 164,000 kilometers. It was a Dutch colony and it obtained its independence on November 25, 1975.

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