Re: To put our skills and experience at the service of the peace politics of the honourable president of the United States of America

Mr. President of the United States of America

Barack OBAMA

Dear Sir,

We should not be surprised about the negative international reaction that has come after the Nobel Prize for Peace that you have been awarded. Before you won the primary election and as soon as you took office, there already were negative forecasts about yourself and about an administration that had not even begun. Even though there may be others who fight for peace that may have been better candidates, I feel that this is an unprecedented award to your bet for peace at a time that requires it.

In my country, Argentina , a short period in 1976 was enough to unleash a tsunami of horror and terror. Thirty three years later, we are still working to achieve peace, justice and agreement between us.

War and terrorism break lose in an instant, it is enough to set off bombs and place explosives at the right places. But the “struggle” for peace does not materialize in an instant and through an order.

Peace is a laborious construction that requires monumental work and hand to hand with many people. It is easy to face people against each other, but “elaborating” peace is a very complex process. It is necessary to consider opposing interests and passions, exacerbated by hatred, caused and multiplied by war and terrorism, and this task cannot be carried out by only one man or only one country.

As a physician I am sad that your politics aimed to include underprivileged sectors of the population in health and education are generating collateral damage in the intelligent American people, leading them to associate Barack Obama with a German corporate who inflicted the worst damages on the Jewish people and generated millions of victims in the world. What moral and political explosive must be placed in the US in order to turn upside down your politics for better health and compare them to Herr Hitler’s administration?

As a filmmaker, I have been enduring twelve years of censorship in my country, for having attempted to make a film that warned timidly and respectfully that the millennium would bring about a bad economic scenario for the Argentinean society.

I was forcefully led by the facts to study the terrorist attacks in Buenos Aires (1992 and 1994) and in American territory on September 11, 2001.

The prophecies of hatred initiated in the early 90´s and unleashed as from 9/11 were followed by war, terror and jails where the barbarism of the III Reich has been surpassed.

In my personal case, censorship and persecution against me were not enough. Unidentified individuals with spurious agendas coerced my elderly parents, in an attempt to twist my anti-terrorist position. It took time and logical pain to understand that the judges in my country could not help me investigate these facts in any way.

As the son of a Jewish father, I feel affected by the adverse scenario that has Israel and Iran as Escilas and Caribdis, dangerous for any ship approaching with purposes of commerce, dialogue and cultural exchange. I believe that my excellent relationship with the parties and the deep understanding of the essence of your peace efforts may add a grain of sand in such a delicate matter.

It was simple to obtain general behaviors of “due obedience” to the negative politics of your predecessor and we will hardly find anyone willing to acknowledge their faults. We cannot get the people responsible for what happened in Argentina in the 70´s to acknowledge their faults, and we have been seeking to accomplish that for over thirty years!

We must give credit to Hanna Arendt and Wilheim Reich for the explanation of these kinds of phenomena, described as burocratization of barbarism, where a whole population is transformed into a simple number of people to be exterminated.

Mr. President, you are entitled to demand the highest accuracy from me regarding my fears about a possible war from Israel and the US against Iran , which are countries far away from mine but with which Argentina is nonetheless involved.

I am terrified about the possibility of a war where the cost of victims and specific collateral damages have not been sufficiently considered.

According to the war games that I have been studying, an attack on Iran would have as a possible immediate effect the death of several millions of Iranians and the sinking of the American fleet that is in the range of the cannons placed in the Iranian coast. I remember Admiral William Fallon´s attempts to warn President Bush about the number of American soldiers that could die in the first hours of the battle.

Are those American soldiers or the 30,000 Jews who have lived in Iran for countless years not important? Your predecessor may argue with his habitual emphasis that those would be “collateral damages, the cost to achieve the greater Good of ending the satanic incarnation that is the country of the ancient Persians”.

According to the military studies to which I have had access, after the first mutual bombarding, a hail of missiles may be launched by Iran over Israel , causing several hundred thousands of dead Palestinians and Israelis in a very short time.

Is a new mass crime against the Palestinian people and a second shoah against the Jewish people being inadvertedly promoted?

Mr. President, one of your generals may tell me that those things are not going to happen, that an attack on Iran would be executed in a heartbeat and that the cost of American, Iranian Jewish and Israeli Jewish lives would be minimum.

A similar promise of an easy and quick war was made to the world about the invasions on Iraq and Afghanistan , countries with military power considerably inferior to that of Iran !

With your hierarchy and capacity, I cannot expect to compare you to a modest citizen of a developing country like myself. But I beg you to consider the possibility that many Americans and citizens of all over the world including Israelis may have a similar concern.

Mr. President, saying “yes” to peace is not simple. It requires to defeat terror, passivity and to make commitments that are immediately target of dislike and residual hatred.

I cannot possibly think of leaving you alone and isolating you in your passion for peace, for my own peace of mind. I am sure that other countries, governors and populations have the same desire, but it is not easy to find the right way to work and fight for peace. Passivity and contemplation, “waiting to see what Obama does”, is the worst that could happen in this situation.

As a psychiatrist, as a filmmaker and as an investigator of terrorism, I beg you to do me the honor of granting me a personal hearing in order to put myself at the service of your peace politics. In the meantime, I will do all that is humanly possible and inhumanly utopian, but ideal and aimed towards peace.

I await as prompt a response as your important tasks allow you. Please receive my highest admiration and regards.

AGÜERO 1330 4to J,