With only a restricted number of goods allowed into the Gaza Strip, either from Israel or Egypt, hundreds of tunnels have been dug under the Egyptian border to bring in supplies for the population. Freedom fighters also use them to smuggle in arms.

The Israeli State is transforming the Gaza Strip into a bantustan, modeled on those already tested by its advisors in Guatemala and South Africa.

Accordingly, Israel has been constructing a Separation Wall, which the International Court of Justice (ICJ) declared to be illegal. The Wall is at present being extended along the Egyptian border by about ten kilometers.

To begin with, the Separation Wall is built with pipes up to 35 meters deep. They are designed to flood the tunnels and are filled with sea water. A second, overlapping structure is composed of metal sheets 18 meters long and 50 centimeters thick. The sheets, which are said to be impregnable, are equipped with sensors to detect any sabotage attempt.

The construction of the Wall was overseen by U.S. and French technical advisors. This week, the Director of French military intelligence, General of Army Corps (Général de corps d’armée) Benoît Puga, went personally to inspect the site. Examining what is about to become "the biggest prison in the world", according to President Nicolas Sarkozy’s own words, General Puga expressed satisfaction with the progress of the encirclement. He declared that we are witnessing the "greatest undertaking in History" to seal underground tunnels and that it could serve as a model in other parts of the world.

One and a half million people live in the Gaza Strip. According to UN Special Rapporteur, Jean Ziegler, the great majority suffer from malnutrition and can only survive thanks to the smuggling through the tunnels.