The escalating clash between Google and the People’s Republic of China comes in the context of rapidly deteriorating relations between the two countries on a broad front. Google is part of a cartel of Internet companies which notoriously works closely with the US intelligence community for political purposes, including the subversion and overthrow of foreign governments. We need only recall the central role of Twitter in the CIA’s attempted coup d’état in Iran last summer [1]. Political manipulation by means of the Internet is an indispensable part of the CIA’s recipe for color revolutions, velvet revolutions, people power coups, and postmodern coups [2]. When the Internet is introduced into previously authoritarian countries, it is often possible to dupe, manipulate, and stampede large numbers of enthusiastic young people who are not politically sophisticated. The results are often disastrous.

In Georgia, a color revolution installed into power the madman Sakaashvili, who has already started one war [3]. Yushenko, the beneficiary of the Orange Revolution of 2004, has just been massively repudiated by voters after a catastrophic presidency. The hangover of disillusionment surrounding Obama is related to the fact that he took power in something of the same way. The Chinese government therefore feels that there are valid reasons to prevent Western intelligence agencies from massively pumping black propaganda into China using the Internet. This is in any case a purely domestic Chinese issue, and Americans in particular ought to focus on putting their own house in order before starting to give lectures to the rest of the world.

On the morning of January 4, it was reported by the Los Angeles Times that the Great Firewall maintained by the Chinese government to filter Internet content had momentarily come down. Was this the handiwork of the United States, or did China believe that it was the handiwork of the United States? About 10 days later, Google, Adobe, and Northrop Grumman accused Chinese hackers of entering their sites to gather information. The Chinese government has informed Google if they insist on violating Chinese law, they cannot continue to operate, and Google has announced their imminent departure from the Chinese market. Rumors of espionage swirl around the Google offices in China.

Many press accounts allege that Google is opposed to censorship in principle. This is pure baloney. Google supports censorship to the extent that it is dictated by the United States intelligence community. Analysts and researchers delving into questions about the September 11 attacks or the London 7/7 bombings of 2005 are familiar with the many ways that Google attempted to hinder public access to facts and analysis that were not part of the official narrative. Google has been fundamentally hostile to anyone criticizing the US government official versions of these false flag terror provocations. To say that Google is opposed to censorship is therefore monumental hypocrisy.

US-Chinese relations are now rapidly deteriorating towards a new Cold War or something worse. The entire foreign policy of the United States is strongly motivated by anti-Chinese considerations. Pakistan is targeted for destruction in large part because it could function as an energy corridor between Iran and China, to the benefit of the latter [4]. What is done by the United States in Yemen [5], Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Burma, and many other points across the globe is fundamentally dictated by a desire to checkmate China. The news is that China is fighting back far more effectively.

At the recent Copenhagen climate change conference, the basic strategy of the US and the British was to use the big lie of global warming to institute a world carbon dictatorship which could then be used to strangle the economic development of China, India, and other developing sector nations. As accounts in the British Guardian have pointed out, Chinese Prime Minister Wen directed a successful blocking operation with the help of countries such as Sudan, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, and others, personally snubbing Obama several times in the process. When it comes to sanctions against Iran, the Chinese are signaling that they will block them in the UN Security Council, and they are also circumventing them in various ways.

China has now passed Germany to become the world’s largest exporter, and is estimated to possess about 2.5 trillion dollars of foreign exchange, much of it denominated in dollars. A trade war between China and the United States over such issues as tires and steel is now a distinct possibility. The US is keeping up a ceaseless whining about the alleged dirty float of the Chinese currency unit, the renminbi. The US is on the verge of a major arms sale to the Republic of China on Taiwan, something which Beijing is bound to oppose. Even worse is the visit of the Dalai Lama to Obama’s White House, which is now reported as imminent. The Dalai Lama, although lionized by a gaggle of Hollywood degenerates, is in fact a notorious Western intelligence asset who was the figurehead of a brutal regime of feudal oppression which kept the majority of the population as serfs and a significant minority as slaves.

The United States government continues to transfer significant sums of money to the sinister Rebiya Kadeer and her “World Uighur Congress,” which the Chinese government accuses of being responsible for the murder spree in Xinjiang province (Chinese Turkestan) in July of 2009 [6] for which two dozen death sentences have now been handed down. A British citizen accused of functioning as a drug pusher has just been executed by the Chinese, who have not forgotten the three Opium Wars waged against them by London for the purpose of forcing deadly narcotics onto the Chinese market.

More important perhaps than any other single concrete disagreement have been the new self-assurance, self-confidence, and assertiveness of the Chinese government emerging after the bankruptcy of the United States and British banking systems in the fall of 2008. For a number of decades, Chinese diplomacy was typically extremely cautious, with a very low profile and a low-key approach. Prime Minister Wen’s successful operations in Copenhagen are a clear indication that major changes are afoot in this department. The Chinese evidently see Google as a symbol of arrogance and hegemonism which they are no longer disposed to tolerate.

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