Alfonso Aguilar Leon’s parents were killed when he was barely one year old by a bomb launched by a U.S. aircraft that hit the residential area of Santa Clara city 47 years ago.

Alfonso, who is a maintenance technician for the food industry, said the world is aware of the U.S. long history of aggressions against Cuba and against many other nations. He noted that the United States is the country that invests the most in weapons and to lead other nations to war.

He pointed out that the imprisonment in the U.S. of five Cubans who were working to prevent terrorist actions planed and conducted by Cuban American hardliners in Miami is the height of absurdity.

Alfonso calls ridiculous the contrast of Washington’s double standard policy as notorious terrorists like Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch, among others continue to walk freely in the streets of Miami.

“As a victim of the imperialism’s aggressions against Cuba, I will never forget the criminal attack to my home, when my father lost his life and my two brothers and my sister were injured,” Alfonso said.

The tragic air incursion and the bomb launched by the pirate aircraft in early hours of September 5, 1963, brought the mourning into the young revolutionary family. The crime caused a angry protest of the Santa Clara people that walked with him to the cemetery on the funeral the following day.

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